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Saturday, 20.07.2024
The initiative of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime withdrawn at the request of at least one of the member countries. Structure of the United Nations failed to convince the government of the world to eliminate the storage and use of drugs from the list of criminal offenses. Such treatment was United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). However, the structure has been forced to withdraw it at the request of at least one of the countries-members of the organization, said on Tuesday Russian service of "Bi-bi-si."

The document, prepared by UNODC, called for the legalization of all drugs for personal use as "imprisonment for their use and storage is too harsh a punishment."

The document, drawn up on the official letterhead of UNODC, said: "When the use of drugs for non-m ... Read more »
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The "Detox" - a modern complex of treatment of drug addiction opiate group (heroin, opium, morphine, methadone, codeine), based on a high-speed method of opiate detoxification (AML), used today in the leading American and European clinics. Treatment of this technology takes place in Moscow at the Central Clinical Hospital (CDB) Office of the President of the Russian Federation. Method AML received the support of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health Addiction.

 The "Detox" for 600 euros

Treatment Program "Detox" takes place in 3 successive stages:

- The procedure for a deep detoxification (release ... Read more »
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papa-rimskij-bog-amenThe effects obtained by the screening space with the help of mirrors, has still not explained (except published "Theory of time" Kozyrev in which few people able to understand). So what Kozyrev mirror?

Aluminum (less glass, mirror, or made of other metals) the plane spiral, which, according to the hypothesis, proposed a famous astronomer NA ... Read more »
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The discovery of the phenomenon of "Memory Field"

Silanes Feast field (opening of the phenomenon)
As you know the human eye perceives a very limited portion of the optical spectrum. Sun richness of colors around us fit in a tiny segment of the wave and corpuscular structure of light of approximately 300 nm and a limited range of 400 to 700 nm. On both sides of the perceived us are huge areas of land, which can penetrate only by using special equipment.
Having ... Read more »
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The list includes Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, China, Cuba and other countries [video, the list of countries]

A former CIA officer Edward Snowden, to unlock the secrets of American intelligence, on the eve filed a request for political asylum in Russia. This information was confirmed on duty Consul Consular office of the Russian Federation at the airport "Sheremetyevo" Kim Shevchenko.

"Yesterday at 22:30 in the consular office of the Russian Foreign Ministry at the airport" Sheremetyevo "asked a citizen of the UK, Sarah Harrison, who introduced the lawyer and confidant of US citizen Snowden. She passed the request on Snowden poli ... Read more »
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Путин против ОбамыPutin against Obama: the military campaign in 2014

Putin against ObamyRossiya, 04 March - News. It was the year of the most amazing diplomatic game which has not been for half a century. International Aikido, where the enemy win at the expense of his own efforts.

More about six months ago, when the famous Putin's tour of Beijing-Tehran-Ankara-Delhi, I said that it seeks to pulverize American efforts to retain the status quo with its total domination over all key regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East. In the context of rising noticeably Asia, I think this is obviously ... Read more »
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Кризис в РоссииRussia September 2 - News. That's all they say: "Crisis! Crisis! "To listen to the news:" Crisis! "Glyanesh picture of friends:" Crisis! "Read the reviews economists:" Crisis! "And you go out on the street ... I saw in my life a few crises. It's definitely not it.

The crisis - is when, for example, all taxi drivers to urgently re-adjust their cars from petrol to gas. At least it was in 1998. The crisis - is when people start to save to wash their cars themselves, using buckets and rags. The crisis - is when, pereobuvayas rubber, ... Read more »
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The orgy of drunken marauders from the Ukrainian army has once again led to the disaster. Ukrainian warriors gangs committed a traffic accident with a car, killing two civilians.

The death of civilians in a collision a car with an armored personnel carrier near the APU occupied Mariupol was another evidence of the expansion of Ukrainian troops with the connivance of the authorities. This was stated by DAN Commissioner for Human Rights, the People's Republic of Donetsk Daria Morozova.

"What happened indicates a sense of impunity and indifference of Ukrainian military authorities in Uk ... Read more »
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Почему России не нужна революция?Russia August 30 - News. Referring to the so-called "liberals", I tried to explain to them in simple language in their own interests, to fully support the current Russian government.

"Opposition" should pray Putin and Medvedev, because these people have done all their best to prevent our country new 1917.

I tried to chew in his mouth and put belolentochnikam this simple truth (although he did not quite understand, what for me personally it is needed - just a whim such caprice, whim, ...) are not forgotten even lead to proof of examples from history.

However, I consider that there is not such a small stratum ... Read more »
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Заместителя шерифа убили на заправочной станции, подстроив засадуOn Friday evening, Harris County sheriff's deputy was ambushed and killed while filling his patrol car.

A spokesman for the sheriff's office said that the police was directed at a gas station on the way Chevron's call for ordinary traffic accident. "He tucked his car when the suspect approached him from behind and shot several times," - said Sheriff Thomas Gilliland (Thomas Gilliland).

Even after the guardian of order fell to the ground, the man continued to shoot shot after shot and then fled in a red or maroon pickup truck. ... Read more »
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