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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » September » 2 » Ukrainian terrorists on an armored personnel carrier ran over a civilian car with people
Ukrainian terrorists on an armored personnel carrier ran over a civilian car with people
The orgy of drunken marauders from the Ukrainian army has once again led to the disaster. Ukrainian warriors gangs committed a traffic accident with a car, killing two civilians.

The death of civilians in a collision a car with an armored personnel carrier near the APU occupied Mariupol was another evidence of the expansion of Ukrainian troops with the connivance of the authorities. This was stated by DAN Commissioner for Human Rights, the People's Republic of Donetsk Daria Morozova.

"What happened indicates a sense of impunity and indifference of Ukrainian military authorities in Ukraine for such incidents," - he said, commenting on today's accident that killed two civilians.

"In the zone" ATO "such matters should be engaged in military prosecutor's office, but it is still not sent back - said Morozov. - Also not made a statement on the detention of the driver's armored personnel carriers, that is, he is still at large, only addressed the issue of his detention. That is, in the best case, the authorities are considering the incident as a normal accident. "

The Ombudsman did not rule out that a driver could be drunk, the more drunken spree that are common to the participants "anti-terrorist" operations.

"If the Ukrainian government controlled military and respond to such incidents, then I think the military would behave differently - Morozov added. - Now, because of the negligence of the authorities are afraid of the security forces are not deserved punishment. "

Today's event - not the first of its kind in the occupied territory of Donbass Ukrainian troops. So, on March 16 in Konstantinovka BMP with a drunk driver-mechanic knocked a young woman with two children, with the result that one of the children died. Shot down a military child subsequently received from the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree for the "heroic defense" of Donetsk and Lugansk airport.

Earlier today, the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office so-called "Donetsk Region" reported that a criminal investigation into the collision MTLB (Light Armoured Multipurpose conveyor) and the car "Lada Priora" near the village of Volodarsky Kasyanovka in the occupied area. Passenger cars, 29-year-old man, died on the spot, and the driver - a woman 49 years old - died on way to hospital.
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