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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » September » 2 » Putin against Obama: the military campaign in 2014
Putin against Obama: the military campaign in 2014
Путин против ОбамыPutin against Obama: the military campaign in 2014

Putin against ObamyRossiya, 04 March - News. It was the year of the most amazing diplomatic game which has not been for half a century. International Aikido, where the enemy win at the expense of his own efforts.

More about six months ago, when the famous Putin's tour of Beijing-Tehran-Ankara-Delhi, I said that it seeks to pulverize American efforts to retain the status quo with its total domination over all key regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East. In the context of rising noticeably Asia, I think this is obviously impossible, and wished the States safely break his neck in the pursuit of world domination.

Then I was ridiculed, proving two and two, that the US position in all of these key countries are strong, and Russia was not respected. But we did not have to respect. We only had to sharpen the contradictions. Give a small push that lead to avalanches.

Now let's sum up. See what there narukovodil Comrade Obama and his comrades.

To the source

Iran and Syria - are two words with which it all began. And the super-giant oil and gas field, the largest in the world.

Part of the field belongs to Qatar, the other - to Iran. Its development in future able to push Russia on gas supplies to Europe somewhere in the honorable first place from the end. What is not in our interest.

Tangle of the Middle East conflict is largely associated with this issue is extremely sensitive for us. Iran and Qatar - natural competitors, not only economically, but also politically and even religiously. Qatar has long been a comfortable lay States and Iran balked, created at a small Islamic revolution (not without our modest participation), because of what quarreled with half the Arab world and far-fetched to build the bomb.

This was done very nicely: Moscow with one blow cut off access to both their European competitors. Qatar did not allow Syria to pull the pipeline, and Iran hit by sanctions, about which we are very judgmental conversation, but always kept them from voting. In a world where there are no final decisions, and this situation for many quiet years he guarantees us arrived in Europe, and its moderate loyalty.

Node delayed

Failing reciprocity in search of love, Iran, the US decided to stir up a revolution in Syria, to the new leadership has allowed blessed deliver Qatari gas to the shores of Europe, untied the elf from the Old World this terrible Russian. Well, we all remember those "peaceful rebels" and other circus. The result is known, Putin happily flogged another attempt to push us under the US plinth.

Indus abhorred Obamushka, drew on the sand of the sea "red line", to wash off the treacherous waves ...


It did not disappear never. Liberals believe that cheese is taken from cheesecakes, it is permissible to think that Ukraine was suddenly rushed to Europe, Europe suddenly desired to Ukraine, the cookies are baked themselves suddenly and came from across the ocean, and people came to the square, too, of course, themselves. But since the Americans had never been liberal, and the opinion of our zealous "slaves education" they forgot to ask, then, and said in plain text, Ukraine - it's us that Moscow did not climb to the Middle East game, which are great uncles from Washington. Not grown more "regional" Russia to "exceptional" America. It is necessary to sit quietly and watch chain, pushing you to scour the markets and with key geopolitical position.

What a twist!

As Putin has blocked NATO and Euro-integration, we all know. And start the fun. Russia went and wailed: "Oh! Please do not throw me in the briar patch! It's not throw the! "Obamushka proudly smiled widely smoothed narrow shoulders and raced around the world to" build "the allies. Allied-vassals the US a lot, so the guy had to work hard. And the joint efforts of the cries: "Anything, just not in the bush!" - Imposed sanctions against Russia. Hooray victory.


And then began the strangeness. "The bush - my sweet home," - said Russia and America started having problems. Here's how it describes Rostislav Ishchenko:

Hollande and Merkel's trip to Moscow, and then in Minsk, open "rebellion in Greece," the statement of Hungary and Cyprus show that the EU is aware of where the leads will continue to support Ukraine and adherence to US policy.

"Because I do not believe in the complete inadequacy of the European political elite, I have only one reasonable explanation for such behavior. During the decades of American hegemony, European politicians are so accustomed to is no alternative to the dominance of the United States, contrary to obvious facts remain confident that the Americans will still win, and hence do not need to fuss. "

The expert believes that the United States earlier in the calculation of the passive position of Russia "were able to convince Europe that before the end of the winter Kiev won the civil war." In the case of such a victory would have significantly changed the geopolitical situation: Russia's ability to conduct an active foreign policy would be reduced. Having four or five months, the EU would have been on the winning side. The army offensive Donbass nor in Brussels, nor Washington did not believe.

Now, however, there is the fact of "large-scale destruction of the Ukrainian army." "Now, even if the United States will come up with a real, not virtual method dovooruzhit Ukrainian army, it will take at least a year and huge financial costs. US is clearly not going to go, "- says the expert.

"And this is clearly known in Europe. Moreover, they knew even before the January 16-18 Ukrainian Army tried to move in the wrong offensive. Too quickly reacted to Merkel and Hollande has not yet taken place (only outline) debaltsevsky rout. They never took the time to clarify the US position. They acted on the basis of only the general picture began to take shape, knowing the consequences it will bring. "

East - a delicate matter

The unexpected low blow came from the NATO Turkish true. Instead of all the forces of democracy contribute to the prosperity proleganiya Qatari gas pipeline insidious Ottomans suddenly agreed to lay at the Russian ...!

In fact, the calculation of both Moscow and Turkey was simple: Syria will fall or not - is an open question, and when there is a will. And as an alternative to Russian gas - and for their own needs, including! - Have now brought the platter. And loses Ankara? Never mind! If America will burn to push Assad and still build a natural gas pipeline that without Turkey still does not cost - not in the air as his pull! And even in this case, Turkey gets a huge trump card: it does not depend on the quirks monopoly exporter Qatar, and may at any time shut the transit of Russian gas and rock. Or vice versa. The net winnings! Plus strengthen economic cooperation on favorable terms - too well.

Moscow once again played on the contradictions of the Middle East, she knows and understands better than States. Also it made a sharp move to the shutdown of the Ukrainian transit schemes, and sent to Brussels "kiss" for the "South Stream". West from such a move precipitated.

Continuing the conversation

And here is Obama decided to "replay" of Putin and preemptively remove from Iran sanctions to that, God forbid, too, are not made friends with Russia. And that Washington once again proved the extent to which he does not understand a damn thing in Middle East politics. For Tehran, the sanctions - also "bush" where they are not so bad. They do not have problems in domestic politics! They need support in foreign. And this will help the lifting of sanctions? Correctly. Nothing.

But Russia immediately offered what we need assistance in developing nuclear energy and reliable cover AAMS "S-300" from bomblivoy democratic West.

You do not understand the logic? And it is simple: why do we need Iran is not under sanctions? He begins to develop its part of the deposit, and will also become our competitor. So let sit with a bomb, a nuclear power plant, but under the sanctions. By the way, the bomb that we all already placed under the entire Middle East policy States. Religious, political, geopolitical and economic contradictions corny very strong between the Islamic Republic and the traditional vassals of the United States, including the nuclear Israel. Arming Iran, we are creating a headache States is quite similar to the one that they organized us in Ukraine. And I would not be surprised if in private talks with Obama, Putin surrenders lyrical reflection that it would be necessary, by the way, and also to equip itself to Syria. Especially because we have a military base there and which neither is there ...

An old friend is better than two new ones

Because democracy is not only the US cruise, but floating, Russia agreed to contribute her friendly, provide more effective means of another American war at sea (to AUGam life did not seem to paradise).

Ukrainian crisis will play the role of a powerful catalyst in the Russian-Chinese military-technical cooperation, writes analyst Harry Kazianis defense policy in the publication of The National Interest.

Russian responses to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine could be cooperation with China in the development of anti-submarine defense.

This will greatly help China, which is now actively developing a strategy to block access to desired regions of the A2 / AD, designed to create the conditions in which the American, Japanese and other allied military forces suffer significant losses.

According to him, arms supplies to Ukraine could cause a chain reaction of a thousand kilometers, which will lead to the fact that China is in the military and technological support Russia will control the waters of the South China Sea.

Widow suffered

And Europe, meanwhile, has had time to think, to change your mind and change your mind again. It helped food embargo, and the prospect of "nezalezhnogo Somalia" at hand, and the militarization of the Crimea, and other magical passes from the dark. About the fact that Ukraine is not necessary any more in the EU or NATO - it is not even discussed. "Sha, no one does not go anywhere." But discussing a moratorium on the expansion of NATO, in principle, the resumption of trade relations with Russia, the easing of sanctions and many other extremely unpleasant things Washington.

And who did all this? Putin himself sat modestly in Moscow, a favorite practiced judo: using force against itself. Polistyvaya contracts on military cooperation with Iran, China, North Korea and others, he melancholically asks, "So what? We will supply weapons to Ukraine? "

In your hand there are no more cards

America - influential country. Politically, economically and militarily. It is not so difficult to find a response to the rebellion and resistance. That's just ... Russia has all the answers she gave. It happened. Washington has not that trumps - a simple little cards left on hand. What else can he do Russia?

Putin knew that Russia does not have a lot of strong moves, and was saving them for the time to play with the maximum benefit. But for some reason, the US foolishly spectacular gesture threw us once the whole pack in the face. "Memorable throw in the face of the one-eyed chess player." It looked like this probably spectacularly - so precisely our liberals were delighted, close to ecstasy. But in the end it has brought in the US impasse.

Continue in the Ukraine - Putin undermine US efforts in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific zone. This priority directions in US foreign policy. For such a failure of your home will remove the head. Drain position on the Middle East and China - and for what? For the sake of Ukraine? For this, you can repeat the fate of Kennedy.

Go to the Ukraine is also impossible. Obama himself said: "See all! As I just now revealing will punish recalcitrant Pu. " The holy thing that, all watching. Try here blundered - shame no end. It will be catastrophic damage to the international image of the United States.

It remains to put pressure on Russia, but what? It is not Iran, sanctions do not help. However, they did not help with Iran. And not Iraq - will not come without bombed stubborn. I dug pits for Russia bunch Obama - and he himself is now sitting in them.

Word hawks

And they have a simple policy: fight. They are not in power, and in such conditions - which is not to war? All the successes, if they - take credit. "We are forced, insisted, supported, helped." All the negative consequences - blame the current administration: "And we said! And I had more time! Before! More! More often! Expensive! "What they lose something? More and earn on military operations. To criticize and demand - a win-win position. Especially in a country that believes in the retardation to a fable about their "exclusiveness".

Turn deceit

To make the most of this Vaska least one hundred grams, it is necessary to involve Russia in the Ukrainian conflict. In Kiev the press are starting to sound delusional (truly crazy) idea that "what we Donbass, Crimea should be returned."

In the area of ​​the Black Sea zamelteshili US warships in Odessa drive up the "S-300", that's just ... not for nothing that Breedlove whining about the Crimea:

"Commander of US and NATO forces in Europe Philip Breedlove expressed concern buildup of Russian forces in the Crimea. NATO leadership is especially concerned about the deployment of anti-aircraft missile systems and attack.

"We are seeing significant changes in the Crimea in terms of weapons deployed there. Anti-aircraft systems control about half of the Black Sea, and the missile "surface-to-surface" cover it entirely. These weapons systems made in Crimea powerful springboard, which provides a projection of power in the region ", - he said at a briefing.

The experts of the Institute noted that similar accommodation facilities "directly threatened by the presence of NATO ships in the Black Sea and is capable of changing the balance of power in the region."

In short, these are byaki Russian ... Yes, and Kiev, it seems at the last moment can remember Saakashvili tie. America, of course, to win something from the Russian military invasion, but the current Ukrainian government guarantee will lose everything.

The inevitable and quick victory gives the Kremlin: a land corridor in Crimea, total control over the gas transportation system and the decisive voice in determining the future of Ukraine. Military intervention in Europe is practically impossible at any stage. As a result, bargaining with the West begins again, but on quite different terms.

Of course, Obama again "will tear to shreds" the economy, but this is unlikely to help disguise the obvious: the US does not protect another trusting republic that is guaranteed and protected, and all the sky with diamonds. Yes, and not the fact that it will significantly undermine our relations with Europe.

The united front of the European Union is already broken. Riots not only small Greece and Cyprus, but also quite serious Hungary. But France and Germany too serious business with Russia, they are doomed to agree. Only now after our strippers have no one to interfere with the negotiations, as it is today. Theme of Ukraine will be closed permanently and thoroughly, as it was in his time the topic of Georgia is closed.

Summing up

Matured one good question: Now who's stuck in the Ukraine as the Soviet Union in Afghanistan? We or the US?

The desire to remain in Ukraine strangling American efforts in so many important areas that Obama has himself long been glad to throw all this. And a hundred times wished that all took. Yes, just throw something and not give. Neither the opposition nor by his own Democrats. What he brought States?

Relations with Europe in unprecedented disarray. This has not happened since the war. Worse still it was not clear to whom these relations to recover in the future! Thanks to the wise leadership of the European Union bursting at the seams, decision-making centers are multiplying there separatism and strictly intractable participants. Failure.

In the Middle East - not only that nafinansirovali himself as the head of Libya in the LIH, so more and not have coped with the situation around Iran, we made a deal to supply to our "C-300". What's the Qatar forget! In a wild fury already reached Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel. Attempts to give it all for the "controlled chaos" no one be deceived: it is already out of control. And this despite the fact that Moscow is also quite successfully pushes its line. Failure.

Asian-Pacific area. Thanks to America revived neglected cooperation with India. By the way - a nuclear power and, moreover, not subservience to US. Besides cooperation goes back to the military sphere, and strengthening the capacity of this considerably undermines the traditional influence of the US pressure on India over Pakistan. Again, failure!

And steadily growing cooperation with China - is not even a failure. It generally has always been a nightmare States. Russian military technologies to China's resources - and goodbye to world domination. At least from Asia have driven away empty-handed. But China has long made a request to participate in the politics of the Middle East, so obviously did not stop there.

In addition, China and Russia are already getting rid of US treasury bills, instead, actively buying gold. Alliances are created using the BRICS currency funds, diplomatic and military support to countries in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, that is, in the main regions of the US national interests.And China still on top acts and alone, "handing out" billions of dollars through its Export-Import Bank on large investment projects - everywhere from Russia to Latin America, and it buys the loyalty of the world. This replicated precedents for the care of the dollar as a currency of exchange. And all this - on a background of overt attempts to "squeeze" the IMF at the States. In other words, the attack went on the "sacred cows" - the dollar. And in his incarnation of the oil, and as a universal currency. And what, pray tell, can answer these focuses on the US Russia, which bristled his army, and China, in which States themselves in debt? This is not a failure, it is already five minutes to disaster. Treat will be? Well, that remains to Obama? "Comrade Obama sleeps. Khrustalev, the car? "" I'm tired, I'm gone? "" Mr. Nixon, you impeachment "?" Mr. Kennedy, sir, we have in Dallas? "I have no doubt that the United States - he was still a skunk, and even in the most extreme in case it has an opportunity to "get away nicely." However, it is becoming clear that the same will have to leave. And why? ..

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