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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » August » 30 » Whether the Russian Revolution?
Whether the Russian Revolution?
Почему России не нужна революция?Russia August 30 - News. Referring to the so-called "liberals", I tried to explain to them in simple language in their own interests, to fully support the current Russian government.

"Opposition" should pray Putin and Medvedev, because these people have done all their best to prevent our country new 1917.

I tried to chew in his mouth and put belolentochnikam this simple truth (although he did not quite understand, what for me personally it is needed - just a whim such caprice, whim, ...) are not forgotten even lead to proof of examples from history.

However, I consider that there is not such a small stratum of wealthy Pinocchio, majors, representatives of the "elite" - which, strange as it may seem at first glance, quite a dream of the new 1917 year, the red terror of the revolution (and not "Orange") ...

I do not exaggerate and do not sneer. In Russia, not so little gentlemen, repeating dreamily romantic ecstasy: "Let It Storm!"

Sam heard a lady, to roll on one part of Europe and going to another part of the same Europe, curling lips dreamed about how it will be after "the people will wake up," "Working toward - and all of these (disdainful look kuda to the side) to the wall, to the seventh generation .. "

She certainly does not occur, in the eyes of the workers, which she graciously agrees to set aside - it has long become (and always was) one of "those". In general, in the case of a coup - perhaps the workers themselves will decide who to side to push, but someone to the wall ...

It comes to the fact that some of the modern communists, supports Ukraine and wants to defeat the power of the Kremlin. They're kind of like playing the Leninists, who during the First World War, were ready to desire the defeat of the tsarist government.

Only modern respectable gentlemen of the Communist Party, do not realize the time to look at yourself in the mirror and sober themselves to answer the question: what to do with these people in the event of a real revolution? ..

Of course, in the Russian Empire beefy enough Barchukov, who called Russia to ax and dreamed of great upheaval. And - these dreamers were dofiga, including among the most famous and wealthy people.

At the time, Stolypin said about them: "They need great upheaval - and we need a great Russia."

What do you think - who is meant? The Bolsheviks? .. Yes nifiga like! With the Bolsheviks Stolypin did not speak - he had them hanged. And his words addressed, such as himself, the representatives of the ruling class - down to earth and suffer various romantic-revolutionary nonsense.

Such here the representatives of the ruling classes - just dropped the king in February 1917. And then there were terribly surprised when "suddenly" found out that they themselves, people need no more than a king.

At first, these woodpeckers called on Russia to ax - and then get away from the men with axes in one podshtanikah. And those who were lucky enough to escape - then sang in the Parisian taverns about the girls of its own, which the commissioners have taken power, "are in the room" ...

Even Maxim Gorky, just wrote at the time "Let It Storm!" - He faded out of the country when the storm broke. Later, having waited abroad most terrible barrage, making sure that everything has calmed down - returned to praise the Soviet law enforcement agencies, security officers with plump, and never to stammer about storms and petrels.

A known terrorist Savinkov, who, together with his associates, SRs smashed up more than one imperial officials did a lot for the loosening of government - and then desperately fought against the Bolsheviks in impotent attempt to restore bygone past. This does not include any factory-type millionaires Morozova, who once gave money to the revolution.

Even a knock on his head ultrademokratka-antisovetchitsa like Novodvorskaya, sometimes admitted that she was just born too late. That, they say, if she happened to be born in a different era, it would have stood shoulder to shoulder with Pavel Korchagin. Would this revolutionary without fear and without reproach.

And it never occurred to Valerie Ilinishna that simple idea that Pavel Korchagin, getting it into his hands - would put it up against the wall for a fraction of what she used to utter ...

So, in addition, I want to refer to that part of the "liberals" who because of certain quirks in the mind dreaming of the storm, on the upheavals of the popular uprising, the overthrow of the bloody tyranny of Putin, and other such things:

Good Lord! Are you in the mirror when you last looked? Do you consider yourself to people? And you asked - Do you classifies people to yourself? Does your own? ..

I enjoy watching and philosophy - including the fact that you have a lot of free time and do not have to worry too much about their daily bread. Are you sure that with another power you will also be free time and free money? ..

Do you seriously think that in the event of shocks - the men with axes will run past you?

Do you have reason to believe that your house (dacha) does not burn, but your wife (daughter, sister, niece) can not be raped?

You think what you're led of the processes? You think that is not someone else, namely, you decide - to execute anyone who pardon whom dekulakize whom exile and who just push aside? ..

Are you sure that you know the country in which you live and understand the soul of its people? .. On what this is your confidence based? On the basis of the books you read and viewed by television? Or on the basis of what he saw and heard on the Internet? ..

No, of course you can consider yourself ready candidates popes - is your own business. But want to tell you a little secret (whisper in your ear - purely between us)?

If you suddenly really come a time of great change and serious shocks (such as in present-day Iraq, Libya, and Syria), and so I have the opportunity to marginalized to take up axes - we will not focus on your calls, orders and proclamations.

I do not think that we somehow distinguish you from those you think rascals, bloodsuckers and satraps - unlike yourself svetlolikih. You are in our eyes - the same shit, the same parasite, zahrebetnik and parasites, as well as those to fight with whom you are calling us.

Most likely there will have something to show you - as well as those you consider to be your opponents.

You seem unhappy that disappeared from the shelves jamon (by the way - and he really gone?). And you never have occurred to me that may disappear bread? ..

Are you unhappy with the dollar and the euro against the ruble? And you thought that the ruble from your pockets can disappear - and then there will be nothing to compare? ..

You can not live without imported delicacies? Do not be sad. When there will be hot water and electricity - you forget about the delicacies quickly.

You would think that I write some incredibly fantastic things? Ask how Libyans have lived under the rule of the bloody Qaddafi - and how they live today.

So I can comfort you - you will not be the pioneers in this kind of cataclysm ...

You see, my precious - this I can say, "Let It Storm!" I - have for this reason.

But even I, am the prospect of large shocks carefully without puppy delight. Because the element - it is the element.

It is said that "when chop wood - chips fly." So when a raging element - if not just chips fly, and whole trees broken like matchsticks and torn out by the roots.

And who is to be broken during the storm, and who was to be torn out by the roots - to predict daunting.

Therefore, I think, in your own interest not too much jerk feet and indignant about the current difficulties - which, if it comes to large shocks will seem pathetic nonsense.
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