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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » August » 30 » Will Putin to win or destroy the entire world
Will Putin to win or destroy the entire world
"Монстр, который хочет захватить мир": что думают дети о Путине
The historian, analyst, Russian writer and stylist Viktor Suvorov, meticulously analyzing the actions of Stalin, mathematically calculate exactly his intention. The best friend of children and athletes wanted nothing less, and conquer the world! Or take a bite of it as much as he can the largest and most ferocious country in the world.

Let us follow the example of the master and we are. We sum up some fresh facts and try to make some assumptions based on them.

1. In August, it was reported that the number of Russian airborne troops by 2019 will reach 72 million, an increase twice. It is very much disproportionately as Airborne, if someone does not know, is a tool of aggression. I remember Stalin also multiplies airborne corps to wield in enemy territory, and not his fault that he did not work ...

2. Over 80% of graduates of military high schools are distributed in connection RVSN (rearming them), and by 2020 the number of nuclear-missile forces will increase by 8,500. Did you pay attention to the threat of Kiseleva turn America into a nuclear ash, the recent teachings of the Strategic Missile Forces pervasive and explicit threats to Putin's nuclear strike?

3. The Ministry of Communications wants to five to seven years to reach the information sovereignty of Russia, which would require a million class IT people.

In general, the mobilization of the entire coming royal cavalry, the whole royal ratification - and the Reichswehr, and Landwehr and of software with the hardware! No wonder they say that the Russian software toughest in the world ...

So, it does not indicate whether these mobilization intention that in 2020 decrepit Putin is going to slam the door and make yourself fiery Viking funeral? Himself - and the world as a funerary boat intending to burn the entire globe.

As a teenager, Nicholas II wrote in his diary: "The desire to marry continued until lunch, and then went" (recorded November 19, 1884). Putin is more purposeful and from their hardly refuse. Russia does not plan any major war? With her gone, but if she could afford a war with the entire world? As forces there at least a bluff as a preparation for it? Will her master?

No, not about the mind of the elite I say - Nikolay Nikiforov, the opponent Livanov and Medina, Minister of Communications, who for seven years wants to raise a million programmers to abandon Windows, demonstrates the level of this "elite". Will fast running wild Russian human and what is their quality?

We estimate some figures. The 143 millionth country little children: only about 30 million. The age of 19 years (of which 750 thousand orphans - more than after the Second World War, health is not more than 30 percent, 3.5 million. Disabled and 1 million. Junkies). But no matter how many they may be, and in the Marines and programmers them early. But a lot of elderly people - 40.8 million. Retirees receiving pensions through the Pension Fund, which is already in a fight no matter how late - war IT and business young.

Also in the country of more than 1 million prisoners - more than in the Soviet Union during the Stalinist repression (per hundred thousand population), 6 million. Suffer from mental disorders, 5 million. Drug addicts, more than 6 million. Suffer from AIDS. That adds about 85 million unusable any program or fight.

Of the remaining labor and combat-ready 58 million, more than half - women, whose share in the army and among IT specialists is traditionally low. Hence, the performance of Putin's plan will fall on the shoulders of about 28 million. Healthy men. Not enough for a country and such a huge task! After all, someone has to work and not some Ukrainians, Tajiks and Uzbeks.

By the way, in 2020 as the fateful date is likely another reason that 2017 will begin a rapid reduction in the number of fighting men - happy children in the country is becoming somehow less. For this reason, now rapidly falling numbers of school-leavers, students - and future programmers. And the soldiers.

Now let's see, what do the health of Russian men and a gross product they produce. Let's start with the main ally of Russia, with the armed forces.

1. On January 1, 2013 (since the reduction was not observed, rather the opposite) payroll number of the Armed Forces was 1,120,075 people. plus 10,594 people. civilian personnel at military posts. The latter figure is clearly undervalued at least an order of magnitude.

2. Railway Troops - 28500.

Many, but in the United States and China, much more. However, Putin's government is not so much military as police and more importantly it is not the army, but ...

3. MIA number 1325000. People personnel (including the feds 61%). At the same time the number of internal troops of 182 thousand. Pers. And expenditures of the federal budget for the Interior Ministry are about 270 billion. Rubles. Cops and BB deliver justice, known for his fairness, but what is their effectiveness? Incidentally, in Moscow, police per capita than in any other capital of the world, and more than two times higher than in New York.

If we consider the appointment of the police in fighting crime, the efficiency is low: the number of homicides per 100,000 people. US 4.2, 5.2 in Ukraine, in Russia 10.2. Obviously, other goals of the Interior Ministry.

Since the acquittals are rare in Russia, it has been further convicted ...

4. Federal Penitentiary Service, the Federal Penitentiary Service is very important in a country where the laws are severe and affect us all. The staffing the Federal Penitentiary Service (the jailers, guards, etc.). 347,500 people. Their service 34 center of medical and social rehabilitation of 14 hospitals, 5 military medical commissions and 3 sanatoriums and raise cadres 8 institutions of higher education with 7 branches, including the Academy of Law and Management, 74 training centers and points, Institute for Advanced Studies , Research Institute of the penal system and the Institute of Information Technologies. Plus magazine "Crime and Punishment", "Vedomosti UIS," and the newspaper "government house".

5. But apart from the masses should not forget about the leaders. This deals with the FSO, another Federal Guard Service. It protects the country's leadership and ensures secure communication. Along with the Federal Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, GFS, and FSTEC Service special facilities (consisting GUSP, Main Directorate of Special Programs of the President of the Russian Federation) refers to the special services and has the right to maintain the operational and investigative activities. It provided military and federal civilian Civil Service, has its own academy in the city of Orel, Voronezh Institute of Government Communications and Training Center. The number of classified FSO and in the media called the numbers from 10 to 25 thousand. Man.

6. In general, the safety of the country's Federal Security Service takes care of more than 350 thousand. Man. How much more is hard to say, the data is classified. Next comes another police courier and couriers.

7. The Federal Drug Control Service (Narcotics Police) - 40 thousand.

8. GFS (State Courier Service) - 4475 people only. In the scope of the inspector was more - 35 thousand some couriers!

But the Russian justice system, and it can be safely attributed to the law enforcement agencies, security and punitive!

9. Prosecutors - 63 thousand people (of whom about 20,000 are employed in the Investigation Committee).

10. The Judiciary - 23172 federal judges of general jurisdiction courts and 6779 justices of the peace. Total nearly 30 tysyach.Chestnost Russian justice is known throughout the world and recently it said the court in The Hague, obliged to pay the "Yukos' $ 50 billion.

11. The Federal Service of Court Bailiffs - 23 thousand. However, the deputy chief bailiff of Russia Voronin admitted that the service is allowed to have 60 thousand employees. So doukomplektuyut staff, there is no doubt.

12. Tax authorities - 166 thousand.

13. The Federal Migration Service - 34.3 thousand.

14. Fire - 280 thousand.

15. Customs - 68 thousand.

16. MOE - in the paramilitary structure 460 thousand. Man.

Total of more than four million people. And the generals! More than in the US Armed Forces and China combined. According to the Main Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry staff generals and admirals around 1300, while the US military in 2 million. People plus half a million reservists are only 879. If on the battlefield fighting generals, Russia would have won all!

For 1300 its senior commanders just the tip of the iceberg. It is in the West generals commanding troops here since the times of Peter I, and they are everywhere, even in science and literature have their own!

Take, for example, MES - in the paramilitary structure of the generals a third more than in the sun! Almost 2000. So extreme situation in Russia? Incidentally, Shoigu, when he served as supreme savior of Russia, had five deputies in the rank of Colonel General ...

And do not forget the Interior Ministry generals, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the FSB, the Federal Border Service, Federal Security Service, the Presidential Guard, the GRU and SVR, railway troops and the peacekeeping forces. There are a lot of them. And then there is the whole cohort of the inspector general, generals rescuers, customs officers and prosecutors; Generals firemen, registrars and bailiffs; Generals Justice and builders, courier and supervisors.

H das. And this is only the beginning of the vigorous power of the song. The end of her dusty and rumbles far beyond the horizon - they walk away, endless battalions of Russian security guards, are the world culture. This paramilitary units departmental "armies" of which there are about thirty-six!

In addition to the special Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Security" Ministry of Internal Affairs (125 thousand. People), another 16 federal agencies (almost all ministries) have special security part, the number of which is unknown to me. But apart from these also contain any of JSC "Gazprom" (half owned by the government), "Rosneft" and "Rosatom", the Russian Railways (public company) and many large businesses.

These armies are numerous and, for example, the total number of security "Gazprom" and its subsidiaries exceed 300 thousand. Man! And the "Transneft" in the ranks of more than 130 thousand. Bayonets. Militarized Guard Railways - 80 thousand people. But there are still more than 20 thousand private security companies and the 4000 "security." The total number of all the armies of a million men!

So, we counted more than five million people are directly employed in the power department. That is, almost every fifth or sixth healthy man in the country - the siloviki. Spending on the army, the police, the secret police is more than 30% of the federal budget and larger part of the budgets of the regions.

Conclusion: Russia, even in comparison with Stalin's Soviet Union - Super Fuzz state. In poor per capita in the FSB today is almost 2 times more staff in the Ministry of Internal Affairs - by 60%. Is the whole country has become the gulag?

Moreover, if you believe that the other give a real product and produce surplus value, they are forced to disappoint you: we are silent about the rescuers and various inspections have forgotten about clerks pension, social, insurance and so on funds and darkness district, municipal, provincial and other officials.

And the MPs and their staffs? By the way, on a national scale is 1 million. 872 thousand. Servants of the people! And the priests - 530 thousand. Intermediaries between the masses and God? And notaries, law offices, lawyers, these servants of the devil? And officially unemployed - 4.2 million.?

And the Cossacks? They work a lot and they also did not want: the Don, Kuban, Terek, Ural, Siberian, Trans-Baikal, Far Cossacks. Even Moscow, St. Petersburg and Jewish! There Cossack troops abroad. Yes, it is costumed clowns, tin hung with medals and orders, but they were given the right to observe the order on the streets and to climb in foreign countries ...

I think we missed a lot, a lot do not know, but in general creates a lasting impression that in Russia and work something no one! All are capable of bearing arms or serve someone or protect someone. According to estimates of the well-known Russian economist Demur Stepan, accurately predicted the crisis of 2008, the real product produced in Russia only about 15 million. People. And those, as we see, not very literate, and to replace them are illiterate and do.

Can such a country and its language is an example of Ukraine? No. Could it threaten the world? Alas, it can. But how long will it be there - not even rattling weapons? Lord, let her recover, although you this hardly afford. If you turn away from her face her, give her at least quietly fade away in a golden dream. Just do not let the fiery funeral feast.
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