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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2014 » September » 2 » What is a ghost?
What is a ghost?
What is a ghost?

Have you ever - ever walked at night on the cemetery? For some, this question may seem strange, they say that there is to do, normal people need to sleep at night. But there are those who will answer - yes, we walked more than once.
Dating back, so to speak to the "abnormal" people, I am often in cemeteries. No, I'm not a witch what - anything and certainly do not belong to the Satanists, just to the cemetery and you can safely indulge in his thoughts. Generally to be alone with yourself. And at night I go because there is nobody there.
And not so long ago happened to me the story. I was walking alone, was already getting dark, the sun was setting over the horizon, of course, I was sent to our local cemetery. As always opened the gate and went in, there is a grave, near which I always sit. So let's say my place, where it is located - in the middle of the cemetery. As usual, I went there, put a couple of chocolates and villages. Natura I'm creative, so always carry a flashlight with a pencil and an album in which, you guessed it, kept all my pictures. Started doing some sketches, suddenly, in the distance I saw a bluish glow, I thought it was someone - that of their children, and went to look. But before reaching this place, I did not find, as the glow lasted just over a grave. It was fresh, the body was buried that day. I was terrified and I decided to go home. When I got home, I could not sleep debt because tormented by the same question it was a ghost or something - something else?
It turned out everything is much more prosaic, it was not a ghost, a common reaction with phosphorus. Apparently the body was buried not so deep, and phosphine with warm air reacted, so that what happened glow.
So, my dear readers, if you love these walks through the cemetery at night, you can enjoy them to diversify and to such luminescence. It's really worth it, the sight of a mysterious and do not forget. Only there is one drawback, they are only over the fresh graves and is engraved on the photo. But if you have a number of new cemetery is all possible, take a company ryabyat who know how to draw and forward.

Rules of communication with ghosts

- When the ghost of a loved one, make Prayers, pray for him, give people a treat.

- When the ghost of a dead friend, go to his grave and put some iron object (eg, a rod)

- Appear in the image of the dark man. The contours of the image may be slightly blurred. How do we determine the nature of the ghost?

Also, you can sprinkle salt on the doorstep.

Now about the security measures. The contours of the silhouette can be somewhat blurred.

- Appear in the form of family.

- Common salt scattered around the room diagonally, gives a good effect. The appearance of such ghosts bring good omens, and are preventive in nature: a ghost can warn of impending trouble. Therefore it is very important not to get lost in such a situation and try to determine - a ghost visited you.

- Horseshoe hanging above the door, will delay the appearance of ghosts in the house.

- Appear in the form of shadows on the wall, but the source itself for shade there. By the way, and you can cross the ghost - it will be useful. Ghosts perfectly capture our thoughts and feelings, and fear will give them an advantage over you, and even the possibility of harm. Ghosts are very friendly and not because they had belonged to the world of the living, and the imprint of his nature is well preserved. But a ghost can also become your relative, in which you kill without measure, in tears pillows and complaining all around on his loss.

Evil ghosts

- Appear in the image of the dead in a distorted form.

- Appear as a man with a white glow.
Ghosts always appear suddenly, usually caught us by surprise, and we lost. The most important (and difficult!) - Try not to be scared.

Ghosts are restless souls that have undergone violent smertSamoe important - not Fear and panic! Turn your back on him and walk away, but in any case, do not look at him wide-eyed. If anything bright and good to think not, then just read the prayer Our Father, put the sign of the cross.
- Appears in the form of devils and demons, and well looked tails and hooves, and other symptoms characteristic for them.

How to protect yourself from the evil ghost?

- If it is a stranger or a ghost of an animal, you should stick to the place of occurrence of something sharp-type knife, scissors, or just an ordinary nail. These are unsophisticated measures taken by your faith in the heart, can help avoid trouble. Since ghosts are perfectly hear all our thoughts and feelings, you just have to, for the sake of our salvation, to give them more light color.
- Appears in the form of animals

The village with a dozen ghosts.

Some places are known for the fact that there are found an unusually large number of ghosts. Among them belongs Plakli village in south-eastern England. It is alleged that live there at least 12 ghosts.
However, locals are still arguing with each other about whether there actually bring, but the village could not buy such a reputation for no reason. The researchers suggest that these differences can often be a sign of the actual existence of ghosts in the area. Now, if all the people together claimed the same. This is likely to mean that they all read the same book or a newspaper article.
Let's talk about each of the 12 villages ghosts Plakli.
Phantom of the robber. This ghost walks around the place where before stood hollow oak; it is called "Frajt Corner" (in English the "nook and cranny of fear"). It was here that he was once ambushed by enemies. Rogue pierced with a sword and a spear nailed to a tree. They say that this bloody drama being played out here again every night.
Ghost horse drawn carriage. The road leading from the neighboring Maltmanz Plakli Hill, from time to time to visit the ghostly carriage harnessed with four horses in it. Dark night is possible if you believe the rumors, to catch the sound of horses' hooves and the creak of the wheels of the carriage, passing on a deserted road.
Ghost gypsy. Often they say that near the bridge at the crossroads you can see the ghost of a smoking pipe gypsy, who was wrapped in a tattered shawl. Once it is burned under very mysterious circumstances, and since then her ghost does not leave these places.
Forest Colonel. First Parkwood was a small strip of forest stretching along the edge of Plakli. Today, this land has been calculated and converted into pasture. Once in the forest hanged himself a colonel, and his ghost repeatedly met in the trees.
Chatting body of a school teacher. Shortly after the First World War one village school teacher committed suicide. He hanged himself from a laurel tree that grew beside the road, which formerly was called the Dickey Bassez Lane. It is said that his ghost still be seen dangling in the wind in the loop.
Black ghost miller. Not far from the house, called Pinnock, cnnjbn the collapse of the old mill, where it is rumored, is haunting black ghost, the ghost of a miller. He appears just before the storm broke over the village.
Ghost screaming man. Near the train station is a clay quarry and brick factory. Once on one of the workers collapsed clay wall and buried him beneath them. His ghost that supposedly roam here still publishes the same cries as he died before his death.
A woman from Rouzkorta. The house, which is called Rouzkort supposedly inhabit the spirit of his former mistress. She committed suicide by drinking the juice squeezed from poisonous berries. Her ghost appears between four and five o'clock in the afternoon, just at the time when she died.
Woman in White from the family Doering. "Surrender Doering" was the name of the manor type of Doering. The central manor estate was burned in a fire in 1952. It is said that the house was for centuries haunted a family member Doering, named the woman in white, which usually appear in the library.
The ghostly monk. In the vicinity of another house, called Greystounz supposedly haunting ghost of a monk. They were often seen together with women from Rouzkorta. It seems that between the two ghosts there is a mysterious connection, because she died at the window facing the Greystounza.
Woman in Red and mysterious modern ghost. Sen-Nicolas Church, pictured left, became rumored to be the ghost of a beautiful lady refuge Doering, who died as early as the twelfth century. She was buried in a luxurious dress with a red rose in his hand. Her body was placed in a lead coffin, he was still one of the same coffin, and so on; There were seven lead coffin, which then entered into a huge oak chest and buried in the underground crypt under the church. Her ghost known as the woman in red, still walking the churchyard. Recently, however, there were reports of other mysterious female figure, who allegedly roams inside the church. Perhaps this is the latest acquisition of shadowy Plakli.
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