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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » August » 30 » The price of issue of the Malaysian Boeing plane crash in Ukraine - 30 euro
The price of issue of the Malaysian Boeing plane crash in Ukraine - 30 euro
Родственники на месте трагедии упавшего самолётаVerkhovna Rada deputy of the Bloc, Sergei Poroshenko Caplin unpleasantly surprised by the Ukrainian authorities, stating that it is necessary to hold the trial of the guilty in the destruction of the summer 2014 Malaysian "Boeing" in Ukraine itself ...

First, according to tradition in a plane crash MP accused the Russian president: "In the case of the downed Boeing Malaysian necessary to carry out a public tribunal! The dictator Putin, who is guilty in this tragedy, has to answer for his crimes against humanity. And he will answer for it! "

At the same Caplin convinced that there are guilty in Ukraine: "But apart from the tribunal sought by the entire international community, and the need to hold court in our country. Perpetrators there and here. A year ago, the government together with "UkSATSE" did not bother to close the airspace for civil aviation. They just have imposed restrictions on the height of flight ... For "open" sky over the Donbas top echelon officials continue to receive money. Their greed and could lead to tragedy. For this one can not be punished! "

The politician has already addressed on this issue in the General Prosecutor's Office and the National Security Council and posted online copies of relevant documents.

"According to some, for the flight over Ukraine Malaysia Airlines paid only 30 euro service charge for the work of air traffic controllers - said Caplin. - Such was the price of the issue ... "
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