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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » August » 25 » The Freemasons and the Russian mafia in power
The Freemasons and the Russian mafia in power
Questions about Freemasonry and Freemasons in serious circles — today similar questions about the aliens. All this, as it has long been known, nothing but science has not been confirmed. People tend to think sensibly believe that the Freemasons were, but they were long ago — in the 18th, 19th centuries, and today no one has seen them...

This is of course correct view of the world, scientific, however... the Freemasons today are not just "order" the club, "the Lodge" and other names — Freemasonry — it attitude to the world, to reality, is, in the end, a position in society.

What about the Freemasons and the Russian mafia in power? It was a reasonable question and at the same time very complex. We present some of the facts and arguments that relate to the Russian political elite — modern heirs of the Imperial nobility, the heirs of power in Russia.

To understand modern Freemasonry, first, it is important to understand that today's forms of activity of this criminal group are very different from traditional notions about him. Today's Freemason rarely clothed in his robe. The usual Masonic ritual in our time fades into the background.Most of the "Masonic work" is not for the traditional Masonic lodges, and various private organizations Masonic type — rotary, "Pen", "master's degree", "humanitarian" awards eagle or Constantine the Great, etc. Masonic ritual, for centuries served as a camouflage of political intrigue Freemasons in the second half of the twentieth century to a large extent lost its importance. In conditions when all the countries of the Western world came to power people, no longer ashamed to admit their membership in Masonic organizations, the need for Masonic ritual disappeared. Freemasonry turns into a secret political Union, a kind of the Internationale, unites the unscrupulous politicians, financial swindlers, crooks of all stripes, putting profit above all else and unlimited power over the people. At the head of this secret international are the leaders of the Jews. Like the Communist party in the USSR, Freemasonry in the West is the backbone of the political system. All major political decisions are prepared and adopted in the quiet of private organizations. On "democratic elections" the public are allowed to choose from several candidates presented Masonic conspiracies. These candidates provided information support television and Newspapers, almost all of which are controlled by the same the behind the scenes. The people in this political system is just an extra in the hands of political schemers. It is this system of government formation implemented in our country since the late 80-ies.

Second, it is important to note for understanding the modern Masonic authorities, is that the Judeo-Masonic structures today are not a monolith, and consist of a number of clans, warring among themselves for power and money. Even in the so-called world government — the Council on foreign relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg club is continuing the struggle of the Judeo-Masonic clans, orders various rituals and regional centers of power. This struggle is vividly illustrated by the current events in Russia, where a fierce battle was fought supporters of the order of Malta and American Freemasonry (Yeltsin, Berezovsky, Abramovich), "b'nai b'rith" and Jewish Freemasonry (Gusinsky, Friedman, Khodorkovsky, Yavlinsky), Grand Orient of France and European Freemasonry (Luzhkov, Primakov, Yakovlev). All three of these ramifications of the Judeo-Masonic authorities are our people grief and destruction, they are all focused on the dismemberment of Russia and the genocide of its people.

In Russia today there are more than 500 of Masonic lodges and Masonic organizations (including occult organizations and offices of the Church of Satan). Their work is of a strictly secret, closed. Most of them not registered with the authorities, respecting the Masonic conspiracy and mystery. Actually Masonic Lodge, performing traditional rituals of the Freemasons, are not more than one-third of the above number.
The "solid" part of Russian Freemasonry are the lodges of the Scottish rite, most of them organized by the masters of the Grand Lodge of France. The activities of these lodges is carried out according to old documents, observing the full continuity of the Masonic establishment of XVIII-XX centuries. By 1998, were resumed such old Russian lodges of the Scottish rite, as "Astreya", "Hermes", "Northern Lights" and others, organized a new Lodge — "Pushkin", "Novikov", etc. They use ritual documents "Scottish Rita" lodges "Astreya" XVIII and emigrant Lodge "Astreya" 20-30-ies of XX century.
The Grand Orient of France resumed in Russia the activities of Masonic lodges-oriented militant Russophobia and irreligion, and above all lodges "Free Russia" uniting, to our knowledge, in particular, several state Duma deputies, officers of the General staff and the FSB.
In the system of national German Freemasonry recreated Russian Masonic Lodge "Great Light of the North", working on the ritual documents emigrant of the same name the Masonic Lodge.
According to some information, in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are some American lodges of masonry (York rite). Attempts to take root on Russian soil of the order of Shriners.
In addition to the above recognized in the Masonic world rituals are such "self-made" Masonic lodges (like "Russian national Lodge") that are not recognised as real free masons.
Overall, according to our approximate calculations, the number of members of all the Masonic lodges in Russia — not less than two thousand people.
A much larger number of members (not less than 10 thousand) is in the so-called white Freemasonry — the Masonic organizations of the type that does not use the traditional rituals of the Freemasons, but the host of the Masonic principles of life and led, as a rule, these masons. First place is occupied by members of the rotary (in Russia there are several dozen). Very typical of "white masonry" are organizations such as the Order of the eagle, clubs "master's degree", "Reform", "Cooperation", "international Russian club", the Soros Foundation. Leaders of the "white masonry" consider themselves "the chosen people" (the elite), which has special rights to rule over other people. Subversive anti-Christian, anti-Russian work of these organizations is strictly private, confidential nature.
The question of Freemasonry Vladimir Putin's press bypasses. Tellingly: 20-21 June 2001 in St. Petersburg on an official visit are the Grand Master Fred Kleinknecht with 33 degrees of initiation, with his wife Jean. Together with the Russian "brothers" George Dergachev, Alexei Cosmarium, Alexander Kodjovi (all three are 33 degrees) takes himself ...Governor Vladimir Yakovlev. At the meeting, discussions are held purely organizational Affairs: contacts and links between European and Russian Freemasons, the restoration of traditional interaction, the involvement of Freemasons in the celebration of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

Friend and business partner at Narusova has long been a Konstantin Mirilashvili. Together they created a "Center for support of UNESCO". He was Chairman of the St. Petersburg meeting, one of the leaders of the notorious "Russian financial Corporation" was created by Yeltsin. As well as the Deputy Gusinsky. He created the famous company "Russian video". Documents on the establishment of the "Russian Video" was signed by Vladimir Putin himself. Was recruited by the Board of Directors, chaired by Dmitry Rozhdestvensky, and one of the subdivisions of the "Russian Video" topped... a former KGB Colonel Vladimir Grunin.
It would not hurt to add that Mirilashvili, Grunin, Christmas, Gusinsky – all members of the same "order of Saint. John of Jerusalem”, created in 1995. In addition, Dmitry Rozhdestvensky sported in the mantle of the Grand prior of the Protestant branch of the order of Malta.

As previously charge of the surveillance of foreign consulates in Leningrad Grunin repeatedly appeared in public in a tie with Maltese symbols. This is natural: Vladimir V. Grunin was Deputy Grand prior of the Russian Grand Priory of the Maltese order.
The company "Russian video" over time was transformed into the famous group "the Bridge-Media", the most important diamond in the Empire of Vladimir Gusinsky. But as chief of security and the information security of the Empire was the... former chief of the 5th Department of the KGB Lieutenant-General F. D. Bobkov.

What a touching concern of one of the largest gabarnica about the safety of one of the greatest masons of the Russian Federation! We will return to the personality and the role Bobkova the Masonic movement in Russia.
First finish with Sobchak. The entire story of the re-election in 1996 becomes more interesting if we can see who took part in it. As you know, against Anatoly Sobchak in the election of 1996 stood Vladimir Yakovlev. He became the Governor of the Leningrad region.

As previously V. Yakovlev and Vladimir Putin were... closest aides Anatoly Sobchak, his deputies.
social parasites and parasitic on the mentality of the Russian people

So, the following picture emerges: A. Sobchak brings us closer to him – for reasons unknown to us! – two figures. One of them eventually "wins" the election and gives the instruction to prosecute the losers Sobchak. Another is in the Kremlin and continues its growth with the speed of young bamboo, like a drop of Sobchak was only a breeding ground for it.
What's the connection with Freemasonry? Maybe Mason Sobchak only restrained the talents of domestic political leaders? And then his untimely death only for the benefit of nationhood?

Tellingly: 20-21 June 2001 in St. Petersburg on an official visit are the Grand Master Fred Kleinknecht with 33 degrees of initiation, with his wife Jean. Together with the Russian "brothers" George Dergachev, Alexei Cosmarium, Alexander Kodjovi (all three are 33 degrees) takes himself ...Governor Vladimir Yakovlev. At the meeting, discussions are held purely organizational Affairs: contacts and links between European and Russian Freemasons, recovery

Tellingly: 20-21 June 2001 in St. Petersburg on an official visit are the Grand Master Fred Kleinknecht with 33 degrees of initiation, with his wife Jean. Together with the Russian "brothers" George Dergachev, Alexei Cosmarium, Alexander Kodjovi (all three are 33 degrees) takes himself ...Governor Vladimir Yakovlev. At the meeting, discussions are held purely organizational Affairs: contacts and links between European and Russian Freemasons, the restoration of traditional interaction, the involvement of Freemasons in the celebration of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

As later publicly recognizes Alexander Kondakov, "the Governor Yakovlev indicated that he was very interested in Freemasonry and Masonic regards the Brotherhood as one of the most important factors in the development of world history..." not so fast, "the Governor Yakovlev expressed its readiness to provide the necessary support in the process of establishment of Freemasonry in his city and throughout Russia...".

There is a question that will be easily answered by anyone who is familiar with the structure of power in Russia: is it easy to achieve a personal audience with the Governor of the ordinary citizens Ivanov-Petrov-Sidorov? But the Freemasons Dergacheva, Koshmanova, Kodakova who arrived with the couple, Kleinknecht, it is easy. Why? We did not know that the members of one order can easily meet each other? Even in the Governor's residence.
It is also known that V. Yakovlev and Vladimir Putin, at least publicly, not to show each other appreciation. On the contrary, it happened that expressed antipathy. For example, Putin after Sobchak's defeat publicly named V. Yakovlev, "Judas". Terminology itself shows the special warehouse of the relationship between Anatoly Sobchak, Putin and Yakovlev: it was a "teacher" and "students"

(although one was a serious school of counterintelligence and intelligence and the other partyparty work). One of the "disciples" betray her "teachers". Another immediately finds him the definition of "Judas".
The more interesting fact: immediately after the meeting with famous Freemasons 20-21 June 2001, V. Yakovlev went to a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation, which was in St. Petersburg. Rejected disagreements and forgotten grudges – he hastens to tell Putin about everything: who was it that said, what are the results achieved. That's what Masonic discipline, when the personal is sacrificed to the public. Clearly, Putin is a secret force that is directly relevant to the masons.
Yakovlev is just a pawn, an errand boy. He hastens to curry favor with Putin, but he is unable to influence decisions. For example, the decision of who will be the next Governor of the Leningrad region – all it is clear that Yakovlev, pushing his candidacy, was in the throat is a very influential organization. All seven years of his reign in the field he flirts with this organization. Even officially declares, ready to provide the necessary support to Freemasonry in his city...
All in vain. Regrouping took place, the decision is made. Putin with his colleague, personnel officers of the KGB-FSB V. Cherkesova, fells V. Yakovlev. In place of that in 2003 is Valentina Matvienko. Sent Lee V. Yakovlev resigned? Pushed in bear corner? Open criminal case against him? Oh, no. Poewrful masons in St. Petersburg is ... Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal government for housing and communal services, construction and transport.
Vladimir Putin seems to confirm the status of your colleagues – Mason-Mason will be the main Builder of the Russian Federation.
Who was the successor of Sobchak-Yakovlev as Governor of the Leningrad region? It is known that in may 2002, V. Matvienko, then Deputy Prime Minister, was given a ceremonial reception Yaroslavl "rotary club", in which, incidentally, includes the mayor of Yaroslavl, Governor, Federal inspector of the Yaroslavl region and the speaker of the regional Duma. Husband Matvienko is one of the leading managers farmacevticheskogo business in St. Petersburg, their son – Vice President of the financial group "Banking house "St.-Petersburg"" which has close links with "Deutsche Bank" and "Dresdner Bank". Putin has a special relationship to last – "Dresdner Bank" has entered the Russian market (St. Petersburg region) with his help.
In December 2001, the division of the "Dresdner Bank" tasked with listening and consulting company "Gazprom-Media" – for decent money in favor of the "Dresdner Bank". And who, we recall, plays a critical role in Gazprom. Right, Viktor Chernomyrdin, is known as being "in Freemasonry is not strong."
In "Gazprom-Media" first command of Vladimir Gusinsky. As a result gamesno-Masonic takedowns he escapes abroad. Filipp Denisovich Bobkov, Lieutenant-General of state security, who headed security Gusinsky, Acelino, played here an important role. Former officer SMERSH, right hand Andropov, until 1991, the famous head of the 5th Directorate of the KGB (surveillance of politically unreliable) could not be extra ordinary.

It would be surprising if Gusinsky suddenly not able to travel abroad under a "roof". It would be no less surprising to learn that merits Bobkova unchecked – after escaping Gusinsky he becomes a knight of the order of Blessed Alexander Nevsky (2004). About this and other orders later.
Back to personality Gusinsky and his entourage. Instead, in "Gazprom-Media" comes another equally odious frame – Alfred reingoldovich Koch, right hand notorious Chubais.
A few years before that, "Alec" Koch worked wonders in the state property. Not created – by the order known to the public. The results are known: strong enterprises of the domestic industry (the same Novolipetsk metallurgical plant, Norilsk-Nickel, dozens of others) were artificially raised in terms of bankruptcy and then sold foreign "partners" – well, just for very funny pictures! In this case, "Alika" unceremoniously used the approximate Yeltsin-Putin: Petr Aven, Pavel Borodin, German Gref, Vladimir Smolensky, Vladimir Potanin, Mikhail Fridman, Boris Jordan, a Khan... the Attitude was like "toady", say many analysts. See, nevysokoi rank in the Masonic pyramid held that the "Alik". Then there was "waste", lull. Finally, the new appointment in "Gazprom-Media"..
However, Koch has been at the helm of "Gazprom-Media" long. In October 2001, he was ordered to leave his post. The sudden resignation of its Koh reacted with resentment, not always Masonic discipline overcomes personal ambitions. But the offset "Alika" coincides with a decent transfer order "Dresdner Bank". Is it by chance? In Finance, as in politics and accidents are extremely rare.

It is clear that inside the Masonic strata are constantly fighting for influence, for posts, for favorable orders for those same benefits. The Chubais group supported by Western elite (by the way, very tired recently in its support) constantly slectively with a group of KP-GB-masons. Last after Putin came to the presidency is actively expanding muscles... and strengthens connection with the same Western Masonic elite.
One vivid example. From Putin's St. Petersburg team drew the attention of Viktor Ivanov, nicknamed "the Kremlin Borman". A career officer of the KGB, Viktor Ivanov created the company "the Unit" and "Borg" together with Boris Gryzlov and Nikolai Patrushev. Familiar names?

One of them became Minister of the interior, the other and now heads the KGB-FSB. However, Viktor Ivanov went the other way: in 1996-98 he directs us-Russian CJSC "Teleplus" that organizes broadcast 30 channels including CNN and Euronews.
Owns 45% of shares of CJSC "Teleplus" American company "Telcell" is a subsidiary of a multinational American Corporation "Metromedia". This last has been well-known media Mogul Robert Wussler, who is a close associate of Ted Turner (that's why CNN is broadcast on "Teleplus") – both influential masons of the USA.

What a remarkable connection of a Colonel of the KGB-FSB, and now Deputy head of the presidential Administration for personnel with the Masonic elite of America! Who will argue about the existence of the CP-GB-Freemasonry? Viktor Ivanov, the Kremlin now indisputable. I guess after some time that he would call Vladimir Putin a name of the person that needs to put in his place.
In the immediate entourage of the President of the Russian Federation and Mikhail Fradkov, Putin appointed in 2004 by the Prime Minister. He began his career with positions in the office of the counselor for economic Affairs at the Embassy of the USSR in India, that is, a position of the regular scout (now Fradkov – Colonel of the KGB-FSB), the former Minister of economic Affairs, the former head of the largest domestic insurance company "Ingosstrakh", the former Deputy Secretary of the Security Council, former head of the tax police, the Russian Ambassador to the European Union.
Mikhail Fradkov has established an excellent relationship with Peter Aven, his predecessor as Minister of foreign economic relations (1992). This is the Aven, which came out of nowhere with E. Gidron, A. Chubais, A. cohenim, G. Popov, E. Yasin, Urinson. After the Ministry he was in the hands of the financial Empire of "Alfa-Group", as it is known was created on money of the CPSU. This is all well known. How and what Aven is recorded Freemason, a member of the club "Interaction" (1993), member of the "rotary Club" that his connection with the international Freemasonry spread widely and deeply, which also marked the publication of Lyndon LaRouche.
In a special research published in the journal of the EIR in the late 90s, tells how most of this "first call" was trained at the Institute of Economic Relations in the UK. This is no ordinary institution, this special educational and research institution. It is based one of the most secret and the most impenetrable of Masonic lodges, which is called "Society Mont Pelerin".
Today, the Mont Pelerin brings together about five hundred members. The congresses of the society held once in two years, each time in a different country. The time and place of holding gatherings purely classified. In 1983-1985 special training in Eli Society Mont Pelerin received: Yegor Gaidar, Anatoly Chubais, Vladimir Potanin,
A. Shokhin, Konstantin Kagalovsky, B. Fedorov (the same one that became the Minister of Finance, will retire and will take the post in ...the Board of Directors of Gazprom), P. Aven, V. Mau, E. Yasin and others, later someone called "professionals in the government."
Pay attention to the years of Masonic study these "professionals". This was before Gorbachev, the authorities stood by K. Chernenko and Yuri Andropov. Is there any reason to believe that the future of the "reformers" went abroad without the knowledge of the powerful Politburo and without the patronage of the ubiquitous KGB? For anyone who is familiar with the system of power KP-GB, this assumption is absurd.
Which we obviously didn't take into account the powers that be that secret always becomes clear: Masonic Lodge Mont Pelerin since its inception it has been heavily subsidized by the British intelligence service, was under her control and protectorate, fulfilled special orders.

In other words, we deal with the training of personnel from the box KP-GB in the bed of the Mont Pelerin under the auspices of British intelligence. It is not surprising today to see the friendship between Eli graduates Mont Pelerin, who took key positions in the economy and Finance on the one hand, and Soviet spies Fradkov, Putin and their colleagues, on the other.

In his tenure as Minister of foreign economic relations Mikhail Fradkov was in very good relations with the Prime Minister E. M. Primakov. It's understandable. External economic contacts that provide full control of the West over the processes in the Russian Federation, were to be the people of the Western "elite" knows. And Fradkov, and Primakov and Vladimir Putin are such figures. All three directly crossed professional paths. By the way, in their political and economic views all three are supporters of state capitalism. That is, a capitalism in which the state controls the market, the government invents its own laws, the government presses the juice out of people.
Like Aven, E. Primakov – known in all circles Freemason. Track record it is not only impressive, but also reveals the inner connection of the CP-GB-Freemasonry. Director of the Institute of world economy and international relations, was a Communist party propagandist, head of the foreign intelligence service, foreign Minister of the Russian Federation (1996), Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation (1998), consultant to the Council on foreign relations and the Trilateral Commission, member of the order of Malta, a member of the club of Rome.

The question of Freemasonry Vladimir Putin's press bypasses. Left and right, and even ultra-Patriotic. Who is close to the Kremlin and the trough of the budget, he is trying to follow the General line, her every curve. Who is braver, he occasionally recalls gabeszom past President of the RF, but not particularly persists.
There is the most desperate, write about Vladimir Putin's relationship with the Jewish lobby. Which, of course, it's hard not to notice after the appointment of Fradkov as Prime Minister. But on the subject of Freemasonry GDP if "taboo"! About the Western press and can not speak. Here, the "skull and bones" Bush even as I will discuss, and only about a former KGB Colonel — well, what about it will tell?
This is not surprising. The masons know how to keep their secrets. And gubernii — the secrets of the profession. Otherwise they'd be different organizations. It is difficult, incidentally, to note that even the KGB-FSB world Freemasonry in the press as something not being said. We can learn about the relationship of Freemasonry with the "red brigades" and the service of counter-intelligence in Italy, we occasionally learn of close contacts with the CIA Freemasons of all levels. Even the Vatican recently announced, to his regret, that his 125 high-ranking clerics were Freemasons. And this despite the prohibition of the Pope and the whole militant rejection of Catholicism against Freemasonry. About the KGB and secret Masonic orders — only bits and pieces scattered information. Of which picture immediately.
However. Strong side of these two organizations could be their weak link. Too many similarities between the KGB-FSB, and Freemasonry. This also applies to the organization principles and practices, and — most importantly! — goals.
The goal of both, as any totalitarian organization — complete dominance in society, imposing their own ideological doctrines, their worldview. Through ideological domination is achieved political and economic power, obtained financial and material wealth, but simply, comfortable existence of the higher parts of the guide.
Secrecy multi-level structure as the KGB-FSB and Masonic orders due to these goals. Without secrecy, they did not. Open, detainee social dominance may cause unwanted resistance, criticism, even the same organized resistance. Hidden same dominance scares entails uncertainty, demoralizing possible opponents, does not allow them to see the problems, evaluate their own strength, to overcome the shortcomings, to find the right solution. As Masonic lodges and gubernia patterns are actively using it.
The output of Vladimir Putin in the political arena in Russia at all while in memory: no known KGB Colonel who went as if even in stock (for some unknown reason), gets a job at the St. Petersburg University. Then suddenly, on the development of political scenario of the early 90's, suddenly found himself surrounded by Anatoly Sobchak, the then leader of the St. Petersburg democracy. Unbeknownst to party eyes Vladimir Putin became assistant Sobchak, played an important role in the city hall "Northern capital", connects St. Petersburg with Germany (which plays a big role Dresdner Bank).

The order of Malta V. V. Putin, "Society Mont Pelerin"

After the failure of A. Sobchak at the 1996 elections Vladimir Putin with the help of A. Chubais and Borodin moved to Moscow, where he held the position of Deputy Manager of the Department of presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, the chief of control management of presidential Administration of the Russian Federation,

first Deputy head of presidential administration of the Russian Federation. Then as if by magic, quickly rising to the head of the KGB-FSB in 1998. Though never in any stock is left, but only grew, grew and grew through the ranks. Of that chair soon moved to the Prime Minister of the country. Finally, B. N. Yeltsin was to bypass the Constitution! — appoints his successor and sends all the power.

The leap Vladimir Putin's FSB Director for Prime Minister cause embarrassment. There is no experience of the administration of any of the ministries, there is no experience of management in any business industry, no well-established political ties. And Prime Ministers. Maybe political ties there, but they are not visible, hidden?
Following four years of Board of Vladimir Putin has shown that this is a very mediocre Director. Analysts and political scientists repeated one idea: Vladimir Putin does not do what is expected of them and don't do what you expected. It would be nice if the results of this "unpredictability" was visible on improving the lives of Russians and the efficiency of public administration.

No, the real results of the Board Vladimir Putin is extremely low. Corruption of all state structures of the Russian Federation as was at B. N. Yeltsin almost absolute, and is kept at the same 100% in 2004. Crime is growing.

Material and income stratification in Russia becomes catastrophic. Twenty percent of the population already chronically live outside of poverty, without any hope to get at least to the poverty level. The poverty rate is still 40% of the population. But the official poverty level in Russia is the level of poverty in the Sudan, where large areas affected by the famine.

Nor announced industrial or commercial growth does not reflect the real economic decline in the country. The entrepreneurial middle class in Russia did not appear. There are big thieves and schemers, there are a million army goschinovniki bar bureaucrats, and these two categories of people — inter-relating the vessels, than they are with the audacity to claim.

The so-called Yeltsin's "reforms" when Vladimir Putin only deepen the crisis and make the absolute majority of citizens of the Russian Federation one of hopelessness. Artificial restraint on inflation again gaining strength. Another and was not expected, since the economy is terminally ill.
All this suggests that the "unpredictability" Vladimir Putin indicate some kind of third-party force behind it. Someone quietly suggests, and if need be, and dictates to him what to do — not in the interests of the Russian population, and in their own interests.
However, the socio-political processes when Vladimir Putin made clear. Freedom of the press and other media were completely subordinated to the government. The prosecution of journalists interspersed with physical reprisals against them. Every year in Russia kill at least a dozen members of the press. The latter explicitly ordered the murder of Paul Klebnikov, an American journalist working for the magazine "Forbes" (July 2004) — a show of force, opposing any form of freedom of speech in Russia.

Russian society increasingly takes the form of overall assegurances, that does not prevent the Kremlin to wage war in the Caucasus, occasionally taking the form of genocide. This genocide did not bother the authorities. He is not otherwise within the so-called "international patriotism" — Putin voiced this absurd formulation. Who is against this "international patriotism", that is subject to sweeps, shootings, arrests and "filtering" in a special filter-points.

Periodically, to maintain the intensity of hatred, in the cities of the Russian Federation explode houses, stadiums, concert halls. The population realizes that this in most cases is the work of intelligence agencies, but "obselescence" attitude does not allow the outrage to Express themselves. And the riot police with the same intelligence — there they are, in every big city, ready.
In the ideology of the sacred is entered against obshemashcontract: all men are brothers and God is the same for everyone, however, Putin does not believe in God, but "in person". Russia increasingly begins to resemble a Latin American regimes: medium-economically underdeveloped, extremely stable politically in a daze and seemed to be the "zombification" of the population. In other words, if someone has determined what

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