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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2014 » July » 29 » Sensation! Irrefutable proof of guilt Putin in disaster Malaysian Boing 777. Putin hit Boein 777 personally! Irrefutable photos! Sensation!
Sensation! Irrefutable proof of guilt Putin in disaster Malaysian Boing 777. Putin hit Boein 777 personally! Irrefutable photos! Sensation!

Sensation! Irrefutable proof of guilt Putin in disaster Malaysian Boing 777. Putin hit Boein 777 personally! Irrefutable photos! Sensation! Irrefutable proof of guilt Putin in disaster Malaysian Boingo 777. Putin hit Boeing 777 personally! Irrefutable photos! Putin is now not be justified! .

Jokes aside, but the political situation is at its peak, the accused Russia of all sins become the norm

Kiev and Washington, without waiting for the results of investigation of accident Malaysian "Boeing", seek to convince the world that the blame for the tragedy of Russia.

To do this, trying to use even the UN security Council, not to mention the American state Department, where frankly admit that the arguments derive from social networks. But in the Internet, where, apparently, everything is possible, the American-Ukrainian version is faced with the facts that have nothing to answer.

Assign guilty even before the end of the investigation and before it is a favorite method of the Ukrainian authorities, that we saw at the investigation of the tragedy on the Maidan in Kyiv. Only now, at the level of international investigation. That in the crash Boeing blame militias and Russia, President Poroshenko yelled at all intersections on the day of the tragedy. CNN demanded to call residents of the South-East by the "terrorists", made other harsh statements.

"This is an international crime is a terrorist attack, during which the Russian rocket was used against civil aircraft! Do not call these people separatists. There's no separatists, there are terrorists who kill innocent people. In Ukraine there is no intrinsic conflict, the nation is United as never before", - said the President of Ukraine.

"When you lie, you lie energetic, aggressive and without restraint. And it is the Ukrainian authorities demonstrate constantly. And the other side is always at a disadvantage: it is trying to prove something, and they do not prove anything", - said the Director of the Russian Institute of strategic studies Leonid Reshetnikov.

But, once in the role of politics on a world scale, Poroshenko from the pages of the American press specifies the US and the EU, how to tighten sanctions against Russia.

"It is important that the United States imposed sanctions in response to the Russian aggression against my country. But in light of the tragedy of the "Boeing" the United States should consider introducing a more hard - sectoral sanctions against Moscow. Europe should follow the us example and enter THEIR industry sanctions", - said in his interview to one of the editions.

Poroshenko did nothing to organize work at the crash site, but managed to file claims for recognition of DND and LNR terrorist organizations. Had enough time to withdraw recording of the conversation between the pilot of the Boeing managers. When loudly shout "Hold the thief!", and hide the wiser, suspicion inevitably arise. Especially if something like that was in the past.

"We always have to remember the catastrophe, rather tragedy 2001, when the Ukrainian air defense mistakenly shot down a civilian plane of airline "Siberia". Noteworthy, how disgusting behaved Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities after that. When all was clear, when it was proved, Ukrainian President Kuchma urged not to do from this tragedy. And, of course, absolutely disgraceful actions of the Ukrainian authorities on the issue of compensation, that is, fully manifested specific Ukrainian business culture and political culture, which I think remains at the level of the Sorochinskaya fair", - says Konstantin Makienko, Deputy Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies.

"Kyiv now operates on the principle "the worse the better". Because in case of escalation of relations, the escalation of the conflict between even in separate groups on Ukraine itself can always be found guilty, who is to blame for their own mistakes", - says CEO of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

Of course, so strongly and unsubstantiated pushing forward Kyiv couldn't, if I didn't know: his rear is covered.

"They believe, alas, not without reason, that behind them all the information might of the West, which will cover them in any case, whatever they say. If fakie voiced the US President and his high post as if sanctifies this lie, they cease already to be afraid of anything," says Vladimir Zharikhin, the Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries.

"The government in Kiev is the government of Washington. This is a public domain in the US. This explains why their views coincide. The doll does what he wants puppeteer," said Paul Craig Roberts, a former employee of the administration of Ronald Reagan.

The problem is that even a false version of the need to argue. And with arguments so bad that they don't believe themselves American journalists. Here is the figure posted for some reason Facebook U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, was to illustrate the trajectory of a rocket, allegedly issued by the militia.

"For the average person this is the line drawn on the satellite pictures, and nothing more, no proofs," - says one of the journalists at the press conference.

"As I said, this trajectory calculated due to classified information", - said the Deputy head of the press service of the state Department Marie Harf.

"We should just believe the word? I understand everything, but everyone can draw such a line on the map?" - said the journalist.

"Our intelligence did not. If you prefer you I did not give new information, if you can't name the source, you would prefer not to receive such information?", - interested in the state Department spokesman.

"Marie, I think it would be better for everyone here... Your statement should be supported with something, and not just "because I said so", - tries to explain its position as a journalist.

"Well. But it's not "because I said so". I rely on the conclusions of exploration," says Marie Harf.

"You make unsubstantiated claims. I mean, you guys come to the UN security Council and declare all of this together. Secretary of state speaks the same thing. And then, when you finally are evidence of these allegations, it appears that at least some of them absolutely nothing to prove", - concludes the journalist.

"I strongly disagree with this," remains at its speaker of the state Department.

"I do not think that the USA and Ukraine even a little interested in the truth and conducting an objective investigation. If the American satellite images are not published, it only means that they do not confirm the American version," said Paul Craig Roberts.

These pictures USA intrigued few days, promised " that manifests irrefutable evidence of the involvement and militias, and Russia itself. The result has been a closed briefing for the elect, and on condition of anonymity sources. Scouts in plain text confessed: I don't know who was hit by Boeing.

"They don't even know what nationality were people that launched the missile. Thus, the information was much less than claimed," said Stefan Niemann, correspondent of the German TV channel ARD.

"They don't know if there are Russians. You need to take into account that this weekend Secretary of state John Kerry actually said that the rocket launch traces Russian participation," says Greg Milam, correspondent sky news (UK).

"It was stated that technical data of the U.S. intelligence and pictures from the satellite confirm the missile launch from the territory controlled by rebels. Question. Where is this data? Why don't they presented to the public? Them, I may say, even finish?" - interested Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

Americans are caught in an awkward position: confirm the words of the guide have nothing but sign in the absence of evidence impossible. Powerful exploration have to reference the blog entries and photos on the Internet, and have already been exposed forgery. Like installation "Buk" number 312, which SBU trying to pass for Russia, it is not embarrassed that other photo and video the same 312-th "Buk" shot in the column of the Ukrainian army. Moreover, based on the number of a trailer, carrying the installation, bloggers claim that the truck allegedly owned by Dnepropetrovsk military base, where the battalion is stationed "Azov", funded, as is known, the oligarch and the owner of a private army Kolomoisky.

"The reference of the representatives of the American intelligence on some photo in social networks, allegedly testifying about moving AAMS across the Russian border. What evidence? This photograph of the Ukrainian "Buka" on a white truck? This is the photograph, which was taken in the Krasnoarmeysk? Or "Buka" №312, next to the column of the Ukrainian army? You mean they shot him? Well, then ask Kiev explanations. U.S. officials have ruled out the involvement of the Ukrainian military, because, they say, the plane was flying out of range of the rockets. Question: these Americans are ready to answer for what it is? They know where in Ukraine are AAMS? As Americans can comment on Russian data objective control? Or, perhaps, to say nothing?" asks Anatoly Antonov.

From the Russian defense Ministry data means of objective control in the United States just said: "the President, Poroshenko said that it is not true". What to do, contrary to the objective data version Poroshenko. And if you could not accuse Russia directly, at least indirectly, even if the conclusions will be what is called in order gag.

"High-ranking representatives of the American intelligence said that Russia "is responsible for creating conditions that led to what was hit Malaysian aircraft. But they did not provide any evidence of direct involvement of the Russian government. Intelligence officials have been cautious in their assessments, they noted the U.S. has no direct evidence that the installation of which was hit by an airliner, was delivered from Russia," writes the American press.

"One in four American experts said - according to media reports, Russia may be involved in the creation of conditions for a missile launch. Rushing such charges - whether they be documented? Or is it again some kind of preconceived?" - perplexed Deputy Minister of defense.

Famous (and very well-informed) is an American political writer, author of a number of serious revelations Robert Perry assumes that might be the case.

"Secretary Kerry all week appeared in various TV shows, pointing that "he knows", "we know". The case should be considered after the evidence gathered and evaluated by a professional, reputable people. Premature conclusions can lead to serious consequences. For example, one source told me that the U.S. government intelligence from the FBI got acquainted with satellite imagery, and they were inclined to think that firing a missile stop was under control of Ukrainian troops. They were not sure, and tried to be careful in assessing. But whether you are those analysts, despite the fact that the Secretary of state speaks from the opposite conclusion, most likely you would have to change the point of view. It is difficult to go against what I want to hear chiefs," says Robert Perry.

And the rulers have already decided everything. Two days later, on the basis of these - no - intelligence, the White house is with far-reaching - and far more dangerous conclusions.

Josh Ernest, White house press Secretary, said: "As we have seen, through the Russian border, he received heavy weapons designed for the separatists. Russia supports them and teaches them to deal with these weapons, including air defense system. According to data from social networks, including anti-aircraft missile systems Buk. We also know that the "Boeing" was shot down by a missile from the ground, from the territory, podkatalogi separatists, which were not acted Ukrainian air defense means. That's why we came to the conclusion that in this tragedy guilty Vladimir Putin and the Russians".

Bets are made, and the evidence for Washington is secondary. The fact that the USA is carrying out its a great game is far greater than even coronaridine the state of Ukraine.

"At the beginning of the so-called Ukrainian crisis that was provoked, United States of America proposed to replace Russia in the European energy market as a supplier. And I must say, they manic was the plan all along. In the course of walking and provocation, accusations and defamation of the Russian leadership," - said the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

"America wants to dominate European markets, to sell them more expensive gas, more expensive oil. And in General to replace the part of Russian goods their American, more expensive. Of course, Europe's economies will not sustain it. Naturally, it will become uncompetitive, and Europe, as an alternative America as the center of power, in General will disappear," said the Professor, Higher school of Economics Oleg Matveichev.

Italian journalist Marco Cobianchi believes the EU is the main culprit of the crisis. According to him, the EU made a fatal mistake when, following other people's interests, tried to drag Ukraine at his side.

"They follow the lead of U.S. policy, and follow silly. First of all, because often the interests of the Europeans do not coincide with the interests of Americans. And everything happens in a difficult moment, when we are experiencing the consequences of breaking the fragile equilibrium in Ukraine. The European Union is shattered. And it is understandable, when there is no unity, a foreign state is much easier to "settle down" in such a Union and to impose their vision of the problems. The EU does not have its own foreign policy, it is under the influence of what the Americans say," believes Marco Cobianchi.

Many people in Europe understand that they are trying to use. National front of France called for an objective investigation into the tragedy, "Boeing" and not to demonize Russia.

"First of all, the tragedy occurred in the airspace of Ukraine; therefore, under international law is responsible for the Ukrainian side. As for Russia, there is no doubt that it in no way can be involved in this tragedy simply because that is the last who is interested in escalating tensions. Obviously, the consequences of the tragedy of the best forces that want to derail the project "South stream" or the sale of French Mistrale" in Russia," the statement said political movement.

"We must hope that the dialogue between East and West will begin as soon as possible. And may lay aside these useless sanctions. They are completely counterproductive and play into the hands of only the countries which are not European," said an Italian journalist.

The only question is whose voice will be heard. Mind - or momentary political expediency. Not European, not Russian, and not even Ukrainian - American.

Eine Sensation! Unwiderlegbare Beweise für die Schuld Putin in einer Katastrophe Malaysischen Боенга 777. Putin brachte Боенг 777 persönlich! Unwiderlegbare Fotos! Putin jetzt nicht rechtfertigen! .

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