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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » August » 30 » Putin wants to grab all Ukraine
Putin wants to grab all Ukraine

Михаил Касьянов: Путин хочет захватить всю УкраинуFormer Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov told Focus that Vladimir Putin should be the war in the Donbass, Crimea why will never become a high quality resort and what awaits Russia after Western sanctionsBefore becoming a member of the opposition, headed by Mikhail Kasyanov, the Russian government during the first presidential term of Vladimir Putin. For four years he was the second person in the Russian Federation. In 2004 - two weeks before the presidential election - he was suddenly dismissed. One reason was the public denunciation of pressure on the "YUKOS", and later - the arrest of Platon Lebedev and Mikhail Khodorkovsky. After another four years Kasyanov tried to participate in the presidential elections from the democratic forces, but for political reasons was denied registration as a candidate - 13.36% of signatures in support of recognized invalid. Today Kasyanov, co-chairman of the Party of People's Freedom, and counting the days before the collapse of Putin's regime. To get back into power.
Donbass our

Why Putin's war in eastern Ukraine?

- Donbass - not the main goal. Putin seeks to Western countries to recognize the beginning of the Crimean peninsula Russian territory, and on, and all the Ukrainian state as such. Remember what he originally sounded requirements eastern Ukraine? Russian language and the kind of federalization. Because of this, it is necessary to arm and morally support the thugs who have killed hundreds of people? It is obvious that the Russian language is not worried about Putin. In addition to the Crimea, he needs the weakness of the central government, so that through trade relations - the price of gas, cooperation in industry, much of which is already owned by the new Russian oligarchs subjugate Ukraine. Putin does not want to put up with the independence of Ukraine. He is now cynically trying to present the image of a benefactor, simulating the image of a peacemaker and occupying the position of a mediator in the negotiations between the Ukrainian government and the insurgents. I would not recommend it to Kiev to agree. How would Putin positioned himself not he - party to the conflict.

Ukrainian authorities can make to this area has not turned into a second Abkhazia?

- What is your government doing now (I mean the operation to liberate the territory from criminals), that's right. Awful, every day, and the one and on the other hand, people are dying. But negotiations with the bandits can not go. Discuss with them can be a condition of their disarmament. It is necessary to consolidate the existing resources and to seek assistance from Western countries - financial, military and technical.
Crimea without a future

Will Russia make the Crimean resort of world level?

- Obviously not. There will not be coming any investment. Russian business, escaping from Putin, the Russian Federation has brought out everything I could, and return back when it will be nothing. Foreign investors also do not invest a penny, because they believe Putin's Russia unpredictable and inadequate country. Promises to make Crimea prosperous - only requests that are not based on real possibilities. In recent years, in the absence of private investment authorities tried somewhere to invest at the expense of state reserves. But they are now at the stage of exhaustion. The Olympics and other grandiose facilities funded from the reserve fund, created more by my Government. Instead of investing in infrastructure, the money goes to projects which help to maintain the image of Putin as an effective leader in Russia and abroad.

For example, foreign investors, to assess the risks, afraid to engage in projects in the Crimea. But there are still Russian oligarchs, including members of the president's entourage.

- Setting Putin will invest the money in the Crimea, only if it will give them the money. For public funds, they can make a project and present it as their own investments. But send in their millions, none of the president's friends will not be exact.

As part of Ukraine's Crimea region was subsidized. How much the transition control of the peninsula Russian impact on the economy of your country?

- The fact that we have another big already subsidized region, there is nothing good. Problems in the Russian economy will worsen, but it is not a serious crisis will provoke. Although the incorporation of the Crimea, of course, impose additional restrictions on the ability of government to fulfill its promises to citizens.
Exchange sanctions

How has the attitude of Russians to Putin after the imposition of sanctions by Western countries?

- The Russian society was divided in its attitude to the Russian-Ukrainian war. About 70% of people, most of them fooled state propaganda, support Putin, 20% understand that in the XXI century, such a policy is unacceptable that it destroys the entire world order and contrary to the long-term interests of Russia, and 10% - those who are not up to the politicians, they just survive. 20%, which I carry myself, believe the West justified measures. It's not global sanctions against Russia, against the Russian people. It sanctions against specific individuals who are implementing or supporting Putin's policies. With regard to sanctions against some state-owned enterprises and state-owned banks, the simple people did not feel.

Personal sanction imposed is based on the fact that Putin's entourage begin to put pressure on him. Is there any chance that the oligarchs close to Putin will be able to influence its policy towards Ukraine?

- Of course, work on personal sanctions the destruction of Putin's team. These people became rich thanks to him, did not expect that when something will fall into the black list that the civilized world will turn away from them. Over the past 10 years, Putin has built a new model - "capitalism for friends." They enjoyed a long life, and now these friends have to pay for the adventurist policy of their leader. Personal sanctions - this is definitely a good way to erode the cohesiveness around Putin.

As the Russian economy will be reflected entered the West sanctions?

- You can not say that because of the sanctions in the Russian crisis began. He broke even when there is no conflict with Ukraine was not. Eighteen months ago, I stopped the growth of industrial production. And this year, the economic downturn began. Sanctions simply accelerate skukozhivanie whole mechanism, which used to give economic growth. This mechanism is kept at the high cost of gas and oil. But even in the current price - high enough - Economic growth in Russia is not. If the price will drop, waiting for the collapse of the economy.

Why retaliatory sanctions have affected the Russian food imports?

- Putin wants to bite a little power the West, depriving them of lucrative business contracts. After all, many European countries, food supplies to Russia for a significant share of exports. He seriously expects businessmen rubbed their governments to individual sanctions against his friends was canceled. But I do not think that the West is on the go. They do not turn a blind eye on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, as it did with Georgia in 2008. Then, after 3 months of the West's relations with Putin returned to normal.

But Putin's sanctions hit not only by Western entrepreneurs. Russian business will suffer losses, too. Not whether he shall fight for it to the government?

- In the current situation the Russian business will do nothing. He hid under the pillow, and shaking. People are afraid of reprisals, afraid to remain without property. They think that it is easier to adapt, to suffer humiliation, rather than to assert their legal rights.
Misty prospects

In Ukraine, it has not yet ratified the agreement on association with the EU. For this is one of the parliamentary factions accuses the president of Petro Poroshenko in podygryvanii Kremlin: that the failure of Ukraine's cooperation with the EU - is the realization of the plan of Vladimir Putin. Why did the Russian president did not give rest to the signing of the agreement?

- He just does not want to Ukraine's success. Ukrainians trying to leave the legacy of the Soviet Union and to build a normal democratic state. In the future, your country is sure to become an EU member. This development - a great success, an example of which erodes the authority of Putin in Russia. He does not want to see it, because in all matters governed by one: a great desire to maintain personal power in the Russian Federation. That plan, which he invented for our country - is harmful. Authoritarianism is booming, everything goes toward totalitarianism. Successful countries in the neighborhood he clearly is not necessary.

How should resolve the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

- The position that I advocated, as prime minister and in opposition, is simple. The formula for determining the price of gas should be the same for everyone, so that you can take any consumer countries, to substitute its options and get a price. There should be a procedure for Hungary, and Germany, and Ukraine. Since Ukraine closer to Russia, the price for it because of the transport component should be obtained slightly lower than, say, France. We must ensure the partners that will apply to honest commercial approach that will bring goods to consumers and profits to suppliers. Otherwise, over time, they simply refuse our services.

Ukrainians still have to survive the cold winter and by this time there is a chance to negotiate with Gazprom?

- I think there is a chance. But this would be very difficult. The key role played by the hardness of the Ukrainian govern
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