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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2014 » July » 21 » President Putin wanted to destroy
President Putin wanted to destroy

President Putin wanted to destroy

Malaysian Boeing very similar coloring with the plane of the President of Russia. The U.S. secret service has provided information on possible route prezidenta Russia. The plane Putin really flew on similar route, Putin was returning from overseas tour. According to received information in the area of the disaster was observed drone USA and it struck Malaysian Boingo considering him for the plane of President Putin.
"Obama has a lot of games, Obama will bring trouble to his people, Russians are very dangerous" Fred brown

To Boeing fell in Donbass, it had "correctly there to lead"
Explains the informant from the FSO guarding of President Putin.

The destruction of the Malaysian airliner with 295 passengers on Board was the result of carefully planned action, information cover which we now observe in the Western media. Meanwhile, the route of the aircraft was something changed, and downed it could only be the means of destruction, which are in service with the Ukrainian army.
Malaysian "Boeing" was opened on the territory DND consciously, offset course vivacissimo to the territory of TVD are obviously intentional character. Fraud route "Boeing" are identical to known provocations with the South Korean "Boeing", which the Americans have got in the air space of the USSR in 1983, after which he was shot down.
Boeing worked only with Ukrainian dispatchers Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk, there was organized the offset of the corridor North of the regular route. Russia or militias could not send it in the conflict zone, naprosto was not possible.
Boeing was accompanied by 2 aircraft of the air force of Ukraine, one of them witnesses saw near the site of the crash of the Boeing departing on Debaltsevo.
The Spanish Manager carrying out the monitoring of the "Boeing" has confirmed the fact of presence of Ukrainian aircraft close to Boeing, as well as the fact of bombardment of the aircraft by the junta, which according to him was confirmed by the Ukrainian military men, who claimed to not know exactly who gave the order (from here and went version on Kolomoisky and Avakova). Actually the fact of presence of Ukrainian aircraft along with "Boeing", testimony to the Spanish Manager and eyewitness evidence of the disaster Boeing allows to reliably establish the guilty party.
As it was shot down by Boeing to showdown "black boxes" set unlikely to succeed - at the moment, the militia found 8 out of 12. Additional versions in addition to the obvious - firing missiles air-to-air (as mentioned by a number of American sources), there is a version of a collision, "Boeing" with plane junta, and is not entirely clear with 3 explosions in the air, which was observed by the eyewitness.
Regarding the version that the aircraft were shot down from the "Buka", how to show the physical calculations, even if the militia fully resulted in a working condition captured "Book" (his current combat readiness and tactical position unknown), trained calculation and locked it in the air defense complex and launched it in the Snow-Torez, then Boeing had to fall on the territory of the Russian Federation. But during the shooting of the Ukrainian "Books" (which in Donbas not enough), Boeing just fell on the territory of DND.
In General, there is quite clumsy thought provocation, when a passenger Boeing deliberately sent (from Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk still be specified in the zone of the military conflict, wherever he went, accompanied by two aircraft junta after it was destroyed (with high probability there, apart from the "Boeing" was killed another 1 aircraft where actually took parachutes). Next was launched mechanism of information pumping to accuse militias in the destruction of the plane, which the junta specially cheerleader in the sky DND. The network began actively to throw fakie that the plane was shot militias that have to impose new sanctions against Russia and start entering NATO troops.

The task of provocation will be easy to blame the militias and the Russian Federation and failed to reverse the trend in the Donbass. As a provocation was made very clumsy and white thread sticking out everywhere (even on foreign resources reasonably indicate that the heroes sit in Kiev), the effect of it in my opinion is limited. As a maximum, the junta will try to squeeze out of this ill-made provocations temporary respite, to recover after a disaster in the battles for Lugansk, Izvarino and Krasnodon.

Chapter DND Boroday: We are faced with sabotage the investigation
Who benefits delay the arrival of a group of experts in Donetsk?
Since the disaster Malaysian aircraft has passed already more than two days, and international experts on a place of incident has not yet arrived. At the same time, the official Kiev through the government portal reported that "the terrorists with the help of Russia are trying to destroy the evidence", allegedly taking the dead bodies in the morgue, where they are already preparing for the opening of pathologists "with a pronounced Russian accent, and at the same time "terrorists" look for a suitable transport, in order to take away in an unknown direction debris Board, crashed. They are not allowed experts to the site of the tragedy: "Russia Managed terrorists do not allow Ukrainian authorities to launch an investigation and refuse to let the international community and representatives of foreign governments on a place of falling of the plane Malaysian airlines," write on the portal of the CMU.
Why two days later, on a place of accident there is no international Commission? Really cleaned bodies and wreckage of the plane? Who found the black boxes and where are they? These and other questions were answered during today's briefing the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic Alexander Borodai.
- Actually, today I want to tell you about a situation that seems to me wild and intolerant. This is the situation around the crashed plane and the people who died in this disaster.
Once the accident happens, we have our forces, we must say, very modest, cordoned off the area of disaster - it is a large area of more than 10 square kilometres where the scattered wreckage and the bodies of the dead. Here was created the operational headquarters, which included the Prosecutor's group, and the group of investigators, and a group of pathologists. However, this headquarters have touched nothing at the scene, awaiting the arrival of international experts and specialists.
Yesterday (July 18 - as amended) the scene was visited by the group of 14 OSCE observers and 4 Ukrainian experts. At night we met headed the OSCE mission here, I understand, Deputy head of the OSCE mission in Ukraine Alexander Guk. Last night we met with him and for a long time and seriously talked on the topic of this incident. I must say that OSCE representatives were not very satisfied with the cooperation with us, and I will explain the cause of this dissatisfaction. They believed that the kind of protection that we have identified, does not allow them enough to be active all over the field, throughout the territory in which the death occurred. I explained to them that the place of accident is actually in a neutral zone, on the strip of contact between our forces and the enemy forces, that is to say, the Ukrainian troops. Accordingly, stay on this territory, is some sort of potential danger, and our protection, first of all, tried to ensure the safety of mission members. I must say, they asked me about the security assurances that we can provide experts, OSCE staff. We promised it, and promise that the maximum security that we can provide, " she will they be organized and provided. But, of course, the situation in the conflict zone remains tense.
Moreover, yesterday held consultations with the Advisory group from Kiev, they were held in video format and can say, there's even the speech did not go about any humanitarian ceasefire and humanitarian corridors. Accordingly, the fighting continues on all fronts, and continue actively, so, naturally, to provide the security we can only very relatively.
Meanwhile, Alexander Guk told us that the scene was maintained until the arrival of all experts in integrity. Because it is important and requires a report before all the 57th the countries included in this esteemed organization. If we would somehow damage the scene. We don't touch it yet. However, I want to note that there is a humanitarian aspect, and very serious. There are things human. The fact that the bodies of nearly 300 of the dead are scattered over a vast field, some of these bodies hit on a house. We all left intact so far, but in Donetsk 30-degree heat and, sorry, body decompose. And we believe that procrastination is inhuman in relation to relatives, friends and relatives. We once again Express the deepest condolences. They were the innocent victims of this undeclared war.
We know from Alexander gook that Kiev is the group all the way from 81 of the expert and the specialist. 60 people from Malaysia, 6 people from the UK, some from the United States. We asked Alexander gook, so he hurried to these experts, we are ready to provide the maximum degree of safety, as much as we can. We want them as soon as possible was at the scene. However, we were told that this group of 81 people will be in Kiev today to talk about something and tomorrow, perhaps, will arrive to the place of events.
We ask the world community, all politicians in some way try to influence these experts, so that they arrive soon. For one simple reason. Heat. The situation there is complicated, and it is in any time can be changed, and changed it could be very simple way - it's a war zone in fact. The shelling, bombing change the situation at the scene. The group of experts, if she really wants to work, however, should arrive to the scene as soon as possible and start working.
We cooperate with the International Red Cross, which we were promised arrival of our specialists, but also, unfortunately, only tomorrow. At this time the body pogibshih innocent people continue to be scattered in an area of 10 square kilometers, on the territory, where there are feral dogs and a huge number of foxes that these bodies will begin to take away and this area is still under possible, the likely impacts of our enemy. They may postrelease. At any moment the situation at the scene can be changed so that we will not have the opportunity to genetic examinations, or for technical examination of the wreckage. So we ask, urge, urge the expert group as soon as possible to arrive at the scene. We are interested in the most complete and objective investigation of the circumstances of this incident.
However, we do not find good will and experts of international and, sorry, we do not see good will throughout the international community. We are surprised and indignant at the fact that we are forced to keep this situation is inviolable, while we are all waiting and waiting for the experts. There is the human aspect of this problem. As we will return the bodies of the dead, in what condition? Why is it done? It seems to us that this may be an artificial tightening, which is organized by Kiev to the scene was changed, in order somehow to make the investigation or impossible, or incomplete. And we need to make it not only possible, but the most rapid and complete. We face, if anything, partly with sabotage the investigation.
Perhaps this is because Ukraine and the Ukrainian authorities are not interested in investigating this situation. Perhaps that is why they do not offer humanitarian corridors and ceasefire at least in the area adjacent to the scene.
Now we still agree with the request of representatives of the OSCE, and our investigative group, although we have more than 30 investigators of the interior Ministry and Prosecutor's office, in readiness 15 pathologists, we do not begin to work at the scene. We even do not touch the situation with the grandmother, which through the roof of the house came in her bed naked corpse, and she asks to remove the body, and we say, no, impossible, the situation is. You know what it is? The bodies of innocent people are at a 30-degree heat. And the environment from our enemy can be changed technically fall shells, bombs, missiles. And the investigation would be impossible.
We reserve the right, if the delay, this is artificial and deliberate ('t want to blame anybody) - will continue, to start work at least on cleaning of the dead bodies. Now we don't do that, and very tensely waiting for the experts and specialists of the red cross, pathologists, those who will help us remove the bodies, expertise, both technical, and genetic. In a word, to cope with this enormous problem and the colossal tragedy. We appeal to the Russian Federation with a request to help us to solve this issue. To send, if possible, its experts, our specialists, which would help to solve this problem. We believe that the delay here looks ugly and inhuman attitude to the relatives of the dead people.
Black boxes are not found yet, because we don't interfere with the situation at the scene. Insists on that the OSCE mission. Should arrive their experts, and they must search for the black boxes. Experts from the Ukrainian side have already arrived. They were yesterday at the scene, will today together with 14 representatives of the OSCE. They will be working there. We will ensure the widest possible field work, we will try very hard to ensure their safety.
Media: Alleged to have been found the black boxes that have already taken away from there, and were allegedly taken 34 of the body. Comment on.
I have no such information. We don't interfere with the situation at the scene.
Media: On shots at the scene. The OSCE representatives were trying to go somewhere, they never missed was a warning shot.
Are you absolutely sure? I this information was received. However, to our knowledge, there is no resistance to the OSCE mission was not. Again, this is a neutral zone. Shots are heard. They sound periodically and in the city Donetsk. You know, it's a war zone in fact. No proposals for a cease-fire at least in this area we have not received.
Media: the Relatives of the victims have arrived in Donetsk?
No, not yet arrived. I know that some of the relatives of the victims have arrived in Kyiv. If the relatives of the victims will arrive in Donetsk, we will publish them and protect them.
Media: Who from the Kyiv side led consultations?
The OSCE representative Tagliavini, Leonid Kuchma and Russian Ambassador Mikhail Zurabov. However, these consultations do not lead to any result. Time all drones on. First Deputy Andrey Purgin sitting on these consultations to infinity, there are all sorts of technical questions, advice interrupted for forty minutes, an hour, two, three. After this they again resumed, practical solutions no, but consultations are. You can always report that consultations are held, but decisions no.
Media: that is, direct contact with the Ukrainian government have not?
No. If instead the Ukrainian government has Leonid Kuchma, can consider this direct contact. I don't really understand how authoritative and competent Mr. Kuchma, although he himself called once lifelong President of Ukraine... Well, let's leave it on his conscience.
Media: that is, Poroshenko refuses to contact you?
Yes. Absolutely. No contact is indeed authorized officials was not with us.
Media: How many bodies have been found?
Many of the fragmented remains of the bodies. By the way, we asked the representative of the OSCE that he can advise in the part of the humanitarian aspect. The only thing that he said to cover the body with something. Cloth, apparently. So they had not rushed. Well, you understand the value of this Council, taking into account weather conditions and so on.
Media: with the numbers you can call, saying that found 189 phone
If to speak about bodies, it is so much and there. But there are fragments of the phone Is not of the body, and the remains.
Media And documents?
They are found in large numbers and will be provided to the experts.
Media: So your experts are investigating?
The investigation is carried out, but the situation at the scene don't change. We are talking about the questioning of the witnesses, obtain other data, the preliminary examination of the wreckage. But our investigators nothing untouched and not take before the arrival of international experts.
Media: there Was information about attempts of using payment cards of the victims.
This, unfortunately, possible option. You see, the territory is vast, and to estimate, it took quite a lot of time. It is not excluded, that someone from the local residents could search the bodies, you can find these cards and try to use them. Unfortunately, I do not exclude.
Media: According to information from Kyiv's body will be transferred to Mariupol. Whether so it?
We have no facilities for the storage of such deaths. We would be happy if the Russian Federation would take the bodies of the dead. But, if this is not possible, we are ready to transfer their body, based on the humanitarian aspect, where there is a possibility for storage and subsequent post. It was about Mariupol. First about Kharkov and then about Mariupol. There is a railway refrigerators, which will allow us these bodies to deliver.
Media: why the OSCE experts do not go? What they ask you to do? The humanitarian corridor, a cease-fire, guarantees?
We can't stop the fire, because it does not stop the opposite side.
Media: But why don't they go?
They, as you can see go in any number. 14 people came. Further they say that they will come and going. I only have one question - why do they go so long. We're not in the centre of Africa, Antarctica, we are really geographically in the center of Europe. And the way from Kyiv to Donetsk takes a few hours. Security, starting with our first block-post them we are ready to organize and maintain. Anything - security, protection, logistics, food and accommodation.
Media: Tell us about the possible causes of the disaster.
Apparently, this plane was shot down. Shoot him we could not and would not. We have no such air defense, which would allow to shoot down the plane at the height 10600 M. Our air defence assets finish only to the height of 3000 m, thanks to which Ukrainian aviation us bombed with great heights regularly. Falls, however, very often in residential areas of the settlements, but is bombed. This is the first aspect of the problem. The second aspect of the problem is that it is us the most unprofitable. But the Ukrainian side this kind of accident of the most profitable. In my opinion, the situation is obvious - the plane was shot down by the Ukrainian side. What means and air defense systems or aviation - I don't know. To answer this question is a matter experts. We are waiting for them. But they for some reason do not come here. The impression is that they are waiting for the situation became monstrous as from the humanitarian point of view would have changed and technologically. So then because of changes in the situation to represent us in a negative light from a humanitarian point of view and to explain the impossibility of their verdict. Therefore, we call all people of good will, all politicians to try to organize the visit of the experts - no matter what - British, American, Malaysian, just make it quick.
Media: A 14 people arrived, why aren't they working?
They work, but that OSCE representatives. On the functions they observers. Here they come - and see what happens. Because nothing happens, they see that nothing happens. The OSCE mission we appreciate the promptness of response was about the day. My complaints are addressed not to the OSCE and to the groups of experts who should not control the situation and to work. We expect experts in the field of aviation security, pathologists, medical experts, who will control the cleaning of the dead bodies. We expect experts, who will investigate the technical aspects of the disaster, that is, finds that it was the rockets "air-air", some means of air defense, where hit? When the technical aspects will be explained objectively and impartially, I think, the Ukrainian side will look very pale.
Media: What happened with the system "Buk", which, as told, was taken by the militia? How would you comment on the information that allegedly after the crash kind of installation "Buk" headed towards the Russian border, crossed it and went to Russia?
You know, it's very difficult to comment on the message of the Ukrainian media. You know that the Ukrainian media, as Internet media, and others, are a media war against us. Why should I comment on any lie? Armed militia was never systems "Buk". In the occupied part of air defence was not a single operational system "Buk". Armed militias are MANPADS and anti-aircraft installations. All. Do you think if the system "Buk" was adopted, we would not have used? We could shoot down all the days, including, and in that, when there was this terrible tragedy when it was shot down a passenger plane, we actively attacked the Ukrainian military aviation. System "Buk", if she was, we might get a lot of enemy planes. But not down. All the enemy planes that we were knocked down in the previous days were shot at low altitudes during the assault. All of them were shot down at altitudes up to 3000 m, inclusive.
Media: But he said that at the height of 6000 m was shot down an-26.
This Academy was shot down near the actions of the armed forces of Luhansk people's Republic of Donetsk. In addition, rumors about the height at which it was shot down this an - it's still a rumor. He was shot down at significantly low altitude.
Media: is There any official contacts with the Russian side on the incident?
Official communication no no.
Media: What is the operative situation in the plane crash site?
In the area of the crash intensity of hostilities low. This is not the most dangerous, not the most important and difficult part of the front. Although, in principle, by all front line fighting continues. In some places rather intensive. Therefore, we believe that in this area, in spite of the neutral character, we will be able to provide enough security so that the experts could act.

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