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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » August » 30 » Polish President scares citizens hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine
Polish President scares citizens hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine
In an interview with Germany's largest daily newspaper Bild Polish President Andrew said that he expects hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine. Duda confirmed its intention to request the extension of the format of negotiations on the Donbas, saying that Ukraine needs a stable not only in Poland but also the EU, as the instability will only increase the influx of refugees into the EU, which is already suffering now from migrants.

In particular, the Polish president said: "Poland as a member of the EU wants to show solidarity, but in terms of the increasing problem of refugees, we have a special problem because of the conflict in Ukraine. As long as the war continues, thousands of Ukrainians will continue to flee the country, mainly in Hungary and Poland ... There are already signs that some hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians want to get refugee status in Poland. Other European countries should take this into account ... ".

Recall that while the flow of Ukrainian refugees in Poland since the war began in Donbass increased forty-fold, refugee status is not got nobody.

Earlier, Polish Interior Minister explained the government's decision not to give the Ukrainians a refugee status that is not the whole of Ukraine is covered by the war. According to him, the refugees could take refuge in the territory of their own country, and not to go to Poland.

That is Poland patiently waiting for the blaze, all Ukraine, and even then ... It is possible - just bite the Western Ukraine belonged to it before the Second World War, and all refugees will settle there.
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