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Thursday, 22.08.2019
Главная » 2015 » August » 30 » Jeremy Corbin - against NATO
Jeremy Corbin - against NATO
Jeremy-Corbyn-2015August 27 during a televised debate Jeremy Corbin, the most likely candidate for the post of head of the British Labour Party, was not afraid to smithereens smash NATO's actions in relation to Russia and the world. He said: "I criticize NATO because it is an organization of the Cold War, it had ceased to exist in 1990, together with the Warsaw Pact." Corbin has confirmed its position on the fact that the UK should withdraw from the alliance.

A sensible policy had always been a supporter of friendly relations with Russia, and he understands that, based on the mythical Russian aggression, NATO members are against Moscow unfair and tough game, which ultimately can lead to irreversible consequences.

"If NATO puts an open goal - to expand the Russian military then tell his superiors: we also have to expand, to counter NATO" - said Corbin.

According to the candidate for the post of head of the British Labour Party Jeremy Corbin, The Alliance has long outlived its usefulness, and today not only Western countries, but the whole world, no longer need that what was originally intended to NATO. The politician explains his view that NATO, rather than helping to solve the Ukrainian conflict, only destabilize the situation in the world. First of all, it is, of course, for Russia.

For reasons of European policy, the favorable situation in the world will come in if NATO will cease to exist, but so far the alliance only upsets the balance of forces in the world and creates a lot of threats to states that are not in it.

Corbin said that Britain should develop relations with Russia, to intensify the process of demilitarization of the border between Russia and Ukraine, "otherwise the consequences could be very dangerous"

According to a recent survey conducted by the research center YouGov, deputy of the House of Commons Corbin leads by a wide margin: for it are ready to vote 53% of supporters of the party. This figure is 10 percentage points higher than three weeks ago. "Shadow" Health Minister Andy Burnham to 21% of the vote is far behind Corbin. Odds of winning the other two candidates - "shadow" Interior Minister Yvette Cooper and the deputy of the "shadow" Health Minister Liz Kendall - small. For Cooper ready to vote 18% of voters, and for Kendall - only 8% of the vote.

Name the winner of the election for the post of Labour leader will be announced on September 12 a special conference.
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