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Sunday, 15.09.2019

Secrets of the United States

Edward Snowden, a former CIA and NSA, in an interview with PBS said the United States in the cyberwar may lose more than any other state.

US intelligence whistleblowers, said that the United States do not have adequate protection against hacker break-ins, constantly carry out cyber attacks against other countries. This, he said, will lead to the defeat of Washington in a global cyberwar.

Snowden is confident that the United States lost in these battles, more than any other country, as the backbone of the USA is the technical sector.

A former CIA official said that the White House does not realize it. Washington, he said, relies on aggressive policy, breaking the critical Internet resources of other countries and "keeping an eye" for users around the world.

Snowden is confident that if the US does not think about their own safety and not "fill holes", that will inevitably lose out in the global cyberwar.

As an example, 'spy' possible hacker attacks led to the power plant. The effects may be large-scale, says Snowden.

I recall the summer of 2013. Snowden, who previously worked for the CIA and the NSA, gave information to journalists about the secret program of the American intelligence services, allowing them to monitor Internet users. After that, the US government accused him of treason.

However, the delay of the traitor they were unable, because Snowden had to leave the country and flew to Hong Kong. Currently, it is in Russia, which has granted him political asylum.

In autumn 2005, US Ambassador Richard E. Hoagland Dushanbe describes how to visit Tajikistan Deputy Secretary of State Robert Joseph requires Tajiks to land and inspect aircraft on flights from North Korea to Iran. "After all, you are a sovereign country. It's like checking the trucks that cross your territory, "- he says. He represents Safaralieva Major-General, who must fulfill the American command. "We are soldiers, we speak differently, and usually with a glass of" white tea "(vodka, explains the American ambassador. -" RR ") in his hand. Once the president said, we will fulfill the order. " That same year, the American Ambassador to Tajikistan reported to the State Department: "The former head of drug control Mirzoyev could threaten the power Rakhmonov. Rakhmonov called on the United States to shift Mirzoyev, and he fulfilled this wish. "

But soon a period of complete US control ends. Ambassador complains to the State Department: "Russia is constantly putting pressure on Tajikistan to reduce the US and Western influence. Russian pressure is beginning to tell. We need to find new ways to fight the Russian influence. " Ambassador disturb "siloviki" in Moscow, which believe that the United States wants to deploy in Tajikistan a new permanent military base after the loss of Karshi-Khanabad in Uzbekistan.

The cables allow us to understand why the United States has lost the leading position in Tajikistan and other CIS countries.

First, load the "Orange Factor." States everywhere create a network of NGOs to "support democracy", and it scares the local regimes. "Security officials fear that the" orange "in case of victory and give kicked Russian Russian military base to the Americans. Moscow believes that American NGOs for Democracy - National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute, Freedom House, Internews - is the secret tools of American power, preparing personnel for the overthrow of the "legitimate" governments ", - says the ambassador. The word "legitimate" is taken in the dispatch quoted, apparently, because a truly legitimate government, according to the ambassador - a government backed by the United States.

But there was a second factor - the economic one. Western Europe and the United States sent its economic aid and preparing economic projects with the help of NGOs. Naturally, Western taxpayers money settled on the road, falling into the pockets of advisers and consultants. The ambassador wrote: "From the West Rakhmonov received prolonged and painful restructuring of the economy and the endless and never ending feasibility studies. From Russia - promises of large investments that can raise the entire economy. " West did not understand that Tajikistan inherited from the Soviet Union many giant companies - from gidroelektrokompleksa to the aluminum industry. The ambassador wrote that "no one in the West and did not think to invest in these companies, but now (after returning to Russia), it was found that they are quite useful economically." But it is not politically, because they reinforce the influence of Russia, according to a dispatch.

How does reduced US influence in the world?

Empire good

The current stuffing information WikiLeaks no documents marked "top secret", that is, information on special operations and intelligence activities, as well as the diplomatic correspondence, which should know, few decision makers. Nevertheless, the extent of direct and frank about US influence in the world is amazing. The State Department even talks with European allies in the form of direct directives. Thus, in a dispatch sent to the European embassies, the EU representatives in detail how students, expound, exactly where the speech of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the 65th UN General Assembly, the Europeans should leave the hall. However, such a bureaucracy in the management of the allies has its disadvantages: Swedish delegate had to tell you how to get out of the hall when Ahmadinejad mention the Holocaust. But Ahmadinejad about this so did not say anything. As a result, representatives from other European countries come out of their signals, but the Swede was left in the room at a loss.

In countries such as Ukraine, the rhetoric of embassy dispatches most disparaging partners - American diplomats generally can not grasp why some Ukrainian politicians do not agree with the "correct" point of view. In 2005, it reported in the State Department, that Viktor Yanukovych Penalty Latvian Consul for his country's participation in the "putsch" ("Orange Revolution". - "PP"), US Ambassador to Ukraine funny surprised that Yanukovych still angry. More recently, in early 2010, is already the new composition of the embassy in Ukraine in a dispatch commenting private conversation with Leonid Kuchma, accusing that of "historical amnesia."

Despite the "reset", the current US State Department still sees an interest in monitoring the agreements of third countries. In a secret directive of January 28 this year, signed by Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State calls on their diplomatic missions to make a detailed report using all possible resources and sources of economic cooperation between Italy and Russia, the personal ties between Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi - particularly about how Italy It can influence the actions of Russia, "attacks against US interests."

Looking through hundreds of documents relating to the war in South Ossetia and its consequences, at some point you realize how lonely was Russia in the international arena and how effectively the US managed to control the position of the countries of Europe. Thus, the US ambassador to Slovakia after the war in Ossetia, wrote to the State Department, how he pressed the local leadership to ensure that the Prime Minister Fico disavowed his "helpless", according to the ambassador, the word that Georgia started the conflict first. And Slovak Foreign Minister Kubis had to justify himself, saying that the prime minister had nothing in mind and ensured that both the President and Prime Minister of Slovakia agreed with the "theses US passed 11 August." These theses seem to have received all the European representatives.

As the war was not a big

"We were shocked by the fact that all Russian colors - both the government and politicians - are confident that Georgia is ready to start a war against South Ossetia. Many believe that the US pushed Saakashvili to it ", - back in 2006 wrote in his dispatch to the State Department, US Ambassador in Moscow. His reports indicate that Russian talks at all begged the United States not to encourage Georgia to the conflict. The last time Moscow thanked Washington for what it July 25, 2008 "pinned" Saakashvili from the beginning of the war.

US Ambassador to Georgia John Tefft in August 7, 2008, the day before the start of the conflict, reported to Washington on the movement of Georgian troops in the direction of the South Ossetian border. This message does not contain a call for the adoption of any decision, and the troop movements were interpreted in the spirit of the Georgian propaganda - as defensive. August 8 Tefft reports on the movements of the conflict zone systems "Grad". And it excites the American ambassador first of all, how NATO can assist your partner - Georgia and how to respond to those who doubt the "utter innocence of Georgia." In addition, the ambassador actually recommends to respond positively to the request to return the Tbilisi Georgian contingent from Iraq, and on August 9 announced that, most likely, Saakashvili is in dire need of portable air defense systems and will further buy them from Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

However, the US has failed to reach a consensus on NATO support to Georgia. Here, apparently, we should mention those countries through which Russia has avoided a real confrontation with the alliance. "While the majority of NATO members agreed that Russia used disproportionate force, Hungary and Slovakia have called to take into account that Georgia started the conflict", - said in secret dispatches from the first to the beginning of the conflict a meeting of NATO. On that day, the whole Western press, as we recall, was completely on the side of Georgia, without reservations.

From that moment on the reports can be seen as the unfolding conflict within NATO. US Ambassador Kurt Volker alliance is concerned that there is a particular party, led by Germany, the opposition of the American point of view: "France, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Slovenia and Iceland supported the German point of view. Norway indicates that the gap is not advantageous cooperation with Russia, NATO and Hungary warns against making irreversible decisions. " By 15 August, from the list in the "party of the United States' only managed to drag Slovenia.

At this time, reports of US Ambassador to Moscow John Beyrle were directed mainly at the to see signs of weakness or indecision within the ruling tandem of Russia. "Pale and hesitant Medvedev, without a shadow of Putin's bravado, was pushed into the arena of events on Saturday morning ...", "Medvedev's speech was the expressionless", - the ambassador wrote to the State Department.

The United States are also interested in the details of negotiations between Russia and France, which recognizes the Embassy of the second hand, but with a lot of colorful details. "The former ambassador of France to Georgia Philippe Lefort said that the atmosphere at the talks was very charged and sometimes openly hostile. Sarkozy at one point grabbed Foreign Minister Lavrov by the lapels and in very strong terms called him a liar. XXXXXXXXXXXX argued that Sarkozy has already arrived with the mood of "take it or leave it" in a completely American style. This method met at the Russian rather cool reception, "- said the US diplomat. The Russian delegation for its part demanded, for example, excluded from the talks the head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, treating him harshly and disparagingly, decried it as an international civil servant, "unworthy to be in the presence of the king."

At some point, the US Embassy in Moscow started to wonder, will lead you in the wake of the conflict, Russia their savings from the US mortgage funds. However, the Russian embassy informants assured that Putin is not so prone to sudden movements.

The political history of the Ossetian war shows that to oppose US diplomacy possible. Including Russia. However, this does not imply that the United States already see Russia as a respected partner, soon, our country appears in diplomatic correspondence as a wild field populated by inadequate people, and not always this belief is unfounded.

Russia as the alpha male

"He is very smart, but very careless. Since it is very difficult to work. For example, several years ago, he invited me for a walk. And he came up with his mistress, and with six prostitutes. They were in his hunting lodge, which looked like a hotel located on the edge of the earth. At dinner, to which he came with a chrome gun, German Khan said that "The Godfather" - his favorite movie, "Guide to Life", "- talked about his partner, according to a dispatch of US Embassy in Moscow, one of the former top IT managers of TNK-BP Tim Summers.

In summer 2008, the US Embassy in Russia are interested in this topic - just in the midst of the conflict of shareholders of TNK-BP - and, of course, to collect information about the weaknesses of the Russian part of the shareholders. Especially when it came to Khan, whom the Americans considered the author of a collision with a foreign shareholder. Interest in such a specific history of the concept. But judging by the descriptions of all the Russian colors, occupations and preferences in general seem to be from a savage from the prairies, even when US diplomats are trying to empathize with them.

For example, explicitly pro-American opposition leader Garry Kasparov has discouraged the US ambassador in Moscow, his conception of life and politics. His movement is preparing for the "inevitable chaos", which should be the result of the course of the Russian government. When the ambassador asked, will there be enough time to build a democratic provision and real opposition, Kasparov said that, in his opinion, the "Solidarity" will reproduce the Bolshevik model, to fill the vacuum of power, according to a report on the meeting. A liberal workers Kirov Region Governor Nikita Belykh, according to a dispatch, sent to the State Department on the eve of the regional elections, with a typically Russian breadth - or maybe just wanting to splurge - reports that are prepared to organize rigged.

It seems that the only positive character of modern Russian history from the perspective of Americans - Svetlana Medvedev (Putin - the "alpha male," Medvedev - "weak"). "Many Medvedev compared with Gorbachev, but the analogy seems incomplete, moreover, it seems completely new type of Russian first lady who is more active than Putin's, but less vulgar than Gorbachev" - said in a report.

But the main interest of the US State Department in Russia - the people whom they call the Russian word siloviki. "Your home - says Ambassador FBI Director Mueller before his" perezagruzochnogo "visit to Moscow - Alexander Bortnikov, Mikhail Fradkov, Rashid Nurgaliyev - pragmatic proponents of the power lines that divide worldview of Soviet xenophobia and distrust the West believe that the US is actively working to destabilize Russia. At the same time they appreciate the benefits to be gained from cooperation with the United States. "

But in the last paragraph there is a fun detail that characterizes the specifics restart of relations between Russia and the United States: "It is not clear how we have reached a decisive turning point in the relationship, but the esteem with which the FSB furnishes your visit (including their rejection of the money for fuel for your plane and from airport fees), it indicates that at least a partial thaw in our relations after the severe winter caused by last year's war in Georgia, has come. "

Please do not ruin Russia


At a meeting with Ambassador Beyrle December 11 opposition leader Garry Kasparov he said that, in his opinion, his political movement "Solidarity" will be able to take advantage of "the incredible chaos", which will lead the course of the current government.


Movement is preparing for "the incredible chaos", which will result in the current policy of the Government. When the ambassador asked whether this process will lead to the creation of a democratic provision for a time when the political landscape will be ready for the emergence of a real opposition, Kasparov said the following. According to him, the "Solidarity" imitates the model of the Bolsheviks - is organized to fill the political vacuum. "Solidarity" - an ideological coalition formed, unlike the other opposition movements, without the influence or manipulation by the government. Kasparov suggests that "Solidarity" in the end will be divided into three or more political parties - when traffic enters an elected government.


Kasparov also proposed a "peaceful divorce" with the Caucasus in response to the threat of Islamic radicalism. When the ambassador said that the separation of the region from Russia will almost certainly create an even greater threat to the Russian government, and it would be better to try to focus on the short and long-term causes of instability there, Kasparov said that many Russian do not want to pay a high price for these efforts. The usual Russian citizen is tired of this problem, sees no hope of improvement in the situation and wants to just step aside.